We Don’t Normally Do This



Noah Horak (sporting the longer beard with his brother Craig) is a 28-year old electrical engineer from Minnesota who quit his job to go on a round the world trip (read his excellent blog here).

On an – expensively-attired – Enduro (above)

He arrived in Ireland yesterday…

He writes in Horizons Unlimited travel forum:

I’ve been in Ireland for less then 8 hours. This was supposed to be the 2nd leg of my RTW. My 2010 KTM 690 was taken from the corner of Talbot Place and Talbot street in Dublin in broad daylight. I was in a near by hostel resting after an overnight flight. I put a padlock through the front break but they cut the lock with a bolt cutter. Obviously it wasn’t enough. There was no luggage on it at the time.
The bike is white with a Rally Raid fairing. Minnesota licence plate 12071MH.


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92 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Do This

    1. Adam Bass

      What a terrible situtation for this poor fellow.

      P.s- You pointed out Noah in the picture by saying he is the one with the beard, yet both brothers have beards?


  1. Instant Karma Police

    Why don’t we warn tourists that our streets are not a safe place for their property? I was in a village in Co. Cork a few years ago. Some foreigners on motor cycles had their panniers nicked from their bikes. They wrongfully expected that their property would be respected in such a friendly looking place. I was embarrassed. This is more of it!

      1. woesinger

        Or, you know, a combination of well funded police and education, criminal rehabilitation, economic opportunity, and social inclusion to address the causes of criminality.

        Batman, I’ll grant you, is more likely.

          1. woesinger

            Nope – one of the goals of education and rehabilitation in prison should be to teach personal responsibility.

            Just because you acknowledge that tackling crime isn’t just a matter of catching and locking up crims doesn’t make you a bleeding heart.

    1. Dave

      No we can’t have a Batman in Dublin.. not enough tall buildings! Can you imagine Batman running up Capel St or getting caught in traffic on Thomas St?

      Now a Punisher-esque character. That could work well in Dublin.

      1. Fiddlestix

        AA roadwatch would be more interesting. “Traffic is slow moving on the M50 southbound due to a crash between Batman and a group of bank robbers”

  2. Cort

    As anyone who has ever owned a moped in Dublin will tell you, they get robbed, you need to lock bikes down. Hopefully the Garda will find it. Tourists really do need to be educated and Dublin and IReland are like any other country in the world, there are always thieves. Saying that I once got my bicycle stolen in A Zurich suburb, it was an old inexpensive thing, the local police were enraged and I got the bike back the next day!

    1. Jesus

      No, the cities in Ireland are not like any other place in the world. They are like any other totally crime-riddle shit cities in the world.

      We don’t have to put up with crime, but we kid ourselves into thinking that there is nothing that can be done about it, and sure can’t we all just move to a better area? Fuck all of us.

  3. Powwow

    Jaysis never leave a bike on Talbot street! Dodge central…good luck finding it. You’ll probably be best looking in a suburb park or field where some skangs will be rallying it.

    1. Spud

      Isnt there a motorbike track just off Alfie Byrne Road near East Point?
      Worth checking the scumbags are taking it for a test drive there

    2. realPolithick

      You’re right! This visitor on his 2nd day in Ireland should have known better than to park his bike in Talbot Street. What an idiot!

  4. manaman100@hotmail.com

    Christ almighty the scumbags in this town.

    Hopefully he’ll get his bike back and the help of locals in doing so will restore his faith in Ireland.

    Gardai, get the finger out and do your f*cking jobs.

    Investigate crime FFS.

    1. Dixie Normous

      Yep…a stolen motorbike I am sure jumps straight to the top of the queue.

      Here lads – it’s the Super here…drop all those murder investigations…forget the surveillance on the drugs gangs…assaults don’t matter! Stand on every corner in every village, town and city in the country and make sure that nobody steals anyone’s motorbikes…especially if they belong to tourists; we don’t want to embarass manaman100. We’ve got the rescources to…oh wait!

      1. fatonio

        That’s an awful point to make, justifying the gardai’s lack of performance on street crime and theft on the grounds that it’s taking resources away from “surveillance on the drugs gangs…assaults don’t matter!”

        It’s not like efforts at cutting assaults or drugs are working wonders. So, yes – they should prioritise solving thefts over other activities. (standing with a speed gun on a wide stretch of motorway sounds like a good place to start)

        1. OscarTheFuzz

          The guards have specialised units (ye can debate amongst yereselves how ‘special’ they are) for drugs and murder investigations so this is a completely moot point anyway…

  5. Kolmo

    That is mortifying. These scrotes reflect very badly on the rest of us, hopefully this broadsheet post will make the bike too hot to handle and it’ll be found abandoned somewhere. Before we go hating on ourselves, Dublin is not unique in this, all big cities have these vermin.
    I think the Gardai should smash down on anyone who handles stolen property, seriously, literally kill market demand with a size 12 boot of justice, (if only the justice system wasn’t blocked up by serial litigant pricks..)

      1. Kolmo

        Some cities are worse than others, I lived in Madrid (Pickpocket central), Copenhagen (Bikestroke city), Berlin (violent muggers), Paris (violent muggers), London (all of the above)..pretty much most large cities have lots of thieving vermin..

    1. Jatwr

      I long for the good old days when motorbikes were sacred.
      Sorry, but you walked into that one.

      Sacred or not, sorry to hear about the robbery.

  6. Dublinentendre

    Better off asking in Store Street – local gardai are bound to know the skangers that nicked it. I’d say it will end up used along the canal.

  7. vinfox

    Why all the embarrassment? They nicked it because they’re scumbags, not because they’re Irish. Weigh yourself down with other people’s misdemeanors and you sure will carry a lot of shame around with you.

      1. Kolmo

        good point. They stole it because they are scumbags, they may or may not have been Irish, but still, this man is our guest, flip side, he left it on talbot street..

    1. Tommy

      What makes you think they were Irish? Not much of a trade for stolen bikes in Ireland. Big export market however….

      1. vinfox

        Fair point Kolmo and Tommy. They of course may not have been Irish which makes the shame carrying even more daft. It’s shitty in the extreme but I almost get the impression some on here feel guilty about it. Ridiculous.

        1. Jockstrap

          It’s s sense of collective responsibility which used to exist in this country whereby everyone helped each other in a crisis, unlike today when it’s all about the individual who thinks they can exist in a bubble.

          But can’t.

          1. vinfox

            I’m neighbourly, polite, helpful etc Jockstrap (at least I like to think I am) but I sure as hell don’t feel embarrassed or guilty because some cumbucket nicks some poor guy’s bike in Dublin. Am I sympathetic to his woes? Yes, of course. Do I feel embarrassed or guilty that it happened here? No.

  8. Dublinentendre

    So many flats in the center of the city you see. Easy to nip home and grab an axle-grinder or turn your living room into a bike shop.
    If they actually put camera’s outside the entrances to flats complexes you’d trace 90% of the stolen bikes in the city.

    1. Jockstrap

      “If they actually put camera’s outside the entrances to flats ”

      And criminalize all the other law abiding people who live there?

      Nonsense idea.

      1. Jess

        A stupid idea but not far off a reasonable one. CCTV should be highly restricted and only used in areas with high crime. In my experience most scumbags sh*t on their own doorstep first, then bring it down the round.

        A few cameras around dodgy areas would be a good idea. I know I would have loved it when i lived in some dodgy places

  9. manaman100@hotmail.com

    There’s certain people around there who know certain other people.

    If you know what I mean.

  10. octo

    I know it’s not really the point, but if he was smart enough to get good travel insurance for his trip, then it won’t be the end of the world.

  11. Mika

    I agree, how do you know they were Irish?
    Also, what is it about people assuming Ireland is a naive country? I know an American who is currently residing in Ireland, who went back home for 3 weeks….they figured cause they live in a plush part of the city, they wouldn’t need to set the house alarm…as a result the place was robbed of over $20k worth of jewellery.

  12. mike

    Stealing from guests in our country is much more reprehensible than ordinary dacent theft, of which I have been a victim myself.

    Ashamed. Sorry, Noah, No-one stole anything from me when I was in Minnesota. Or California. Or New Y….

    But that Indonesian bus-driver who took my camera in 1999 on my road-trip is not forgotten.

  13. Brian

    Blame Alan Shatter,
    He refuses to recruit any new members to the gardai. Infact he’s cut there numbers by nearly a thousand and plans on cutting their numbers even more. He’s an absolute disgrace.

  14. Zynks

    I had a similar bike stolen 12 years ago. It was recovered two days later by the guards in Hartcourt Station from a gang that had used it in a couple of robberies. It even had more petrol in the tank. I hope Noah gets it back also.

  15. Cathal

    Noah tells me that someone emailed him about seeing it in Finglas today, so if you are from Finglas, keep your eyes peeled.

  16. The Hizzle Stick

    A good idea might be to give Gannons Towing in Donabate a ring. They do towing for the guards. If the gardai find it, it will probably be brought there. And as the bike is, I’m assuming on foreign plates, the guards will not have any contact details for the owner. The number for Gannons can be found if googled. Best of the luck Noah.

  17. Tommo Est Fachee

    As an Irish person this story made be angry. Anyone here a Tweeter to help get the work around and have people look for it? I know there was a happy stoy in Ireland recently of a woman being reunited with her runaway dog via Tweeters. Thanks!

  18. Baz

    Same for bicycles, they hang around and get tooled up come back and nick em. I was been caged on James St one day when I wnated ot go into the supermarket. I had to f**king leave so that my bike would be safe!

  19. NDLZ

    there is cameras at both ends of Talbot Street. Id bet that if the Fuzz check those they’ll find the Scum who knicked this bike.

  20. KiwigirlIE

    I got mugged on my first day in Dublin, on Henry Street, of my iPhone. My husband gave chase, they dropped their own crapbrick, then finally my iPhone. We spoke to the Garda standing outside the GPO.. who promptly told me it was my fault for using my phone in public. I had to get the Gardai officer to repeat herself twice in case the Irish accent was still confusing to my FOB* ears.. then to make story more entertaining, the thieves then came back while we were talking to the Garda and demanded their own crapbrick back and got shirty when we said we’d handed it over to the Garda.

    Surprisingly after living in London for 7 years, I’m more afraid of crime here than I ever was there…

    But at least the Irish accent is nice :-)


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