13 thoughts on “Daisy: The Cutest Kitten In The World

  1. bisted

    …its like Broadsheet bingo this morning:

    kitten -check
    obscure cartoons-check
    current government hate figure-check
    grammatically challenged shop sign-check

    ….just waiting for stolen wheel from badly paked bike advertised on DoneDeal casting a curious shadow that looks like Ireland.

    1. Tom Red

      Has anyone noticed Mock the Week is getting more like Broadsheet?
      Whimsical funny stuff on the same subjects and even their own “Things that look like Dara O’Briain” section.

  2. k

    Ive also noticed this bizarre thing that to appear human is to be cute with people dressing their cats and dogs as humans. Or making them do things that appear “just like us”. Its not cute, its just f’ing .

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