Pedestrian Roundabout


Pedestrian freeflow sorted at an insanely busy roundabout in Shanghai, observed by photographer Viktor Lakics:

Landmark architecture in Shanghai’s Pudong, the financial district. The circular walkway gives open access for pedestrians to all surrounding streets. As seen from above, standing at one of the observation decks in the Oriental Pearl Tower.


19 thoughts on “Pedestrian Roundabout

  1. jetsetJimbo

    What kind of a roundabout is that …it doesn’t even have traffic lights! Surely a roundabout needs traffic lights. Or is that only an irish roundabout?

  2. D

    all well and good from above but when you’ve lived there, that thing is fairly annoying as its full of tourists getting their pictures in with the jin mao and the bottle opener and hawks trying to sell pictures of them

      1. D

        all well and good for someone to turn up once and say something is great when the reality is the opposite, might be the reason Time is getting such a backlash above.

      2. Xiao Liu

        Here, I’m always banging on about having lived in China and how great I am and how many parachutes I should therefore get, and no-one’s ever snide to me! This begrudgery is inconsistent, I want my money back.

  3. Burnt Cheese

    That feature shaped like a keyhole with a glass centre just north of the roundabout is the Shanghai Apple Store. The real one. Oh and Hooters is just around the corner.

  4. Mothsman

    Im not player hating or anything, but they could have moved it more to the left and it was have looked deadly-er….

  5. dragondoggy

    I walk across this everyday. Check out the green dragon hedge sculpture at ten o clock. awsome funny

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