I’d Like To Thank My Agent


Who had to write this stuff:

“So, for me in accepting this Golden Cleric  Viktoriain in the name of the Irish people It’s clear the words do not exist to describe their courage their dignity their generosity in how they have faced and are now facing-down such difficulties. Be in no doubt it is because of them, and their outstanding qualities that mean I bring good news to Berlin tonight…Ireland is on the road to recovery.”

Enda Kenny, last night.





37 thoughts on “I’d Like To Thank My Agent

  1. Mark Knobbler

    “Be not afraid”, said the angelic figure with the golden hair, “I bring good news of great joy”.

  2. Rugbyfan

    while my countrymen suffer I can relax in the knowledge that my pension is large and I shall have little to worry about.

  3. SOMK

    Horrible horrible man, how dare he, how bloody dare he! What the hell would he know, with his €200,000 salary, massive pension, when he doesn’t even have the guts to talk to his own people in the street? How dare he think he can speak for any one of us, how dare anyone even consider voting for the wretched Vichy Taoiseach, and his appalling Vichy government, and think of themselves as Irish, a vote for Kenny or any FG politician is a vote for Merkel. Keep it up though Kenny, you’re making me angrier and angrier with each passing day, you bloody craven little coward, and I’m not the only one, at least I hope I’m not.

    1. SOMK

      That goes for Labour too and Fianna Fáil (2nd in the polls now, 2nd???? there is simply not enough vomit in the world), ugh, yuck! Any chance we could we ask Iceland for a lend of some of their politicians, you know the ones that were born with spines, guts, and an actual sense of patriotism? PLEASE!

      1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

        You may need to read for yoruself properly what has actually happened in Iceland.

      2. Pedanto

        It’s very easy to become a politician here. I don’t mean to be snarky, but why wait for someone else to step up?

    2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

      SOMK I pray you soon find yourself locked in a room with Enda and that only you emerge.

  4. arisocrates

    ever get the feeling there is a parallel world where the boundary between our world and the other one breaks down a bit in the dail..

  5. philip griffin

    What a dilemma. I will never ever vote for FF again. I will never forget what they did but now i am never going to vote for Fine Gael ever again. Looks likes its the greens and independents for me.

    1. arisocrates

      these are going live this month. I feel the same and I dont think independants can tackle the big issues (due to the nature of the system) and i sure as sh*t dont want to vote SF (although I have been contemplating it).

      I see a bit of hope in DDI and will prob try and get involved and see what they’re all about

  6. Fat Frog

    And then the room went silent, the sun emerged from his posterior and our German friends wiped tears of joy from their cheeks as they pondered their net worth. This cheeky little Irish man filled their hearts with fondness -he’d clearly kissed the Blarney: always knowing the right thing to say to make Teutonic hearts drop their steely guard and come over all warm and fuzzy. THE END

  7. Jockstrap

    Goldman Sach’s ad agency’s junior copywriter probably wrote it. They advised the government on the bank guarantee after all.

  8. Tickle

    What ever is in the water/air here must be doing something to make us all sedated*


    There ahs to be a reason we are putting up with all this bullsh1te

    *As a foot note I used to be quite the angry young man. I moved back to ireland some years ago and I thought I had just “matured” ala “grown up”

    Maybe its the water!!!!

  9. A Luis Squarez Tumble

    Congratulations Enda, we’re all very proud of you and the hard work you are doing.

    God bless you.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Gawd help me but I looked at your video…It was undoubtedly in English, but if there was a clearly presented or graspable idea therein, I couldn’t for the life of me find it…
      I think I need to start going out on Friday nights again…

      1. Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

        you might need to review what has gone on before that. If you can not comprehend the concept of a state of war? You might need to stop drinking and let a brain cell or two grow. This has been five years of effort….five years of persecution by your guvment. And guess what? Only ONE other Irish man is really having a go.

        You guys deserve to be having your country destroyed. You really do.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Yes, I do understand that a state of war can exist in ways more subtle than those using bombs and guns, and I get how you are applying that to Ireland.
          I was referring to the mind-bogglingly long-winded and impenetrable manner in which you set forth your ideas.

          I rarely drink, so my stupidity must come naturally to me, but thanks for the concern.

          1. Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

            Hi Mick,
            you are seeing the final step in a process that has been going on for five years. That video is the way it is for a very good reason. One does not go about formally declaring a state of war without detailed and meticulous explanation. If you want to learn more go through the lead up videos, read the two books I wrote. It is important.

            Right now I could take a gun out and shoot Enda Kenny as an act of war and I would not have committed a crime. The state of war declared is a real state of war. Sound like you have some learning to do.

  10. Frankie

    This f***wit is a constant source of embarrassment, We have got to get rid of the political parasites of all persuasions. Enough is enough. Who does that idiot think he is telling the germans that ” I bring good news to Berlin tonight…Ireland is on the road to recovery.” This country is in bits and while gutless lapdogs like him and his ilk are in power we will always be a nation on our knees. The time has come to do what you need to do for your country or lose it forever.

  11. 2nd Repubalik needed

    This is now a pattern with Enda , – He believes in the “good boys and girls” approach as an ex Teacher ( along with most of the Cabinet being academics) . He really has no understanding of the real world – that of business , hard-ball negotiation , confrontation etc. His naievity has cost every Taxpayer a fortune in De Repubalik and our sons and daughters too as this debt will be around for decades before it is paid off.He does not care on a salary greater than Merkel , Cameron or Hollande – for governing just 4 million people.His pension will be nice and fat as He has over 40 years in the Clown Academy that passes for Parliament – He is the so called “Father of the House” as it’s longest serving TD ( MP) – this in itself is a damning indictment of the Man – He has been likened to Chauncy Gardner in the film “Being There” – a sort of “Accidental Taoiseach” who regurgitates vacuous statements just like when Obama came to Dublin.There is NOTHING original about Kenny – He’s a career Politician on the final lap and highest achievement for Himself Personally.

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