Last Night In Brussels


A vigil for Savita Halappanavar outside the Irish Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

Michael Pidgeon writes:

All in all, we reckon there were a little over 150 there by the end (lots of latecomers). I would say a little over half of them were Irish people living in Brussels. We had speeches from the President of the European Women’s Lobby, a message from Paul Murphy MEP (who was in Strasbourg), Anja Deschoemacker, from the Belgian socialist party called LSP/PSL, and – most importantly – various women from Ireland who spoke of their sadness, anger and frustration with what’s been happening back home.


Pics by Kaenas O’Connor, Frederique Luca

27 thoughts on “Last Night In Brussels

  1. SunshinePlease

    I can remember hearing on a television program some time ago (I think it had something to do with corrupt bankers or politicians), the person on the panel asked the question “what is it going to take to get the Irish people off their backsides, on their feet and out on to the street in protest to what the government were (or were not) doing”,,,,,,,,, All it took was for someone to die!

  2. Joe Bloggs

    I’m all in favour of the right to choice, but would these people in NY or Brussels or where ever stop with their “Never again” rubbish until the facts of the case have been established.

    1. Pigeon Street

      You’re completely missing the point. The time for debate on what changes will be made to our abortion legislation will come later. For now all most people want is a commitment that our laws will be addressed.

    2. Pidge

      It depends what people are saying “never again” about. If they’re talking about specific X Case/threat to life stuff, well then I can see your point.

      But for me, “never again” refers to a sane, rational woman asking for a termination to end her pain and protect her health. That request was turned down and she died, even though it was her own body and the foetus had little chance of life. For me, that’s the big thing that should “never again” happen.

    3. KeithFahey’s Moustache

      “the facts of the case have been established”

      There is one simple fact; the patient requested a medical termination which was not provided (For insert reason to be confirmed here). Unless that reason is the medical termination would have killed the mother dead we have a problem. Doctors did not provide all the options available to the patient.

      For 20 years we have waited for legislation on this and how much longer should we wait?

      Womens Liberation is the Liberation of society? Really would you ever FRO

    1. Mister Mister

      Forgot to add, “you pro-choicers” ?

      Well they don’t have the magic breastplate to protect them.

    2. Pigeon Street

      ABM – you dodged a question I asked on a feature earlier in the week.

      If your partner/wife/sister was in the unfortunate situation where she was carrying a dying foetus and there was a serious risk to her health, would you be of the mindset that the dying foetus should not be removed in order to protect her health?

      1. woesinger

        ABM is a coward – he won’t answer awkward questions like that, but will instead slink away as he usually does.

  3. Gheffers

    ‘Victim of Irish abortion law’, gimme a break,these spring up rent a crowds seem to know more about this case than everyone else.I have a pro-choice stance on the subject of abortion,but we need to find out exactly how this poor woman died.There’s no point using the need for a change in legislation, if she died from septicaemia.Which might have happened whether she had a termination on demand or not,let the legislation case be fought on it’s own merits.My point is let the facts come out first,then debate how we can right the wrong.

    1. Bangalore

      We know enough. We know the woman was refused an abortion 3 times because her doomed fetus still had a heartbeat. That is not being argued or disputed anywhere. We are still in a position where a potentially life saving intervention is not and was not available to doctors

      people have been waiting 20 years for this legislation and quite rightly do not want to give the oireachtas any more dallying time. No waiting, the need for legislation speaks for itself.

    2. Pidge

      I like your mix of saying we need to wait for all the facts about the case, while just making cheap assumptions about a protest you presumably weren’t at.

      There were some socialists, yes, but a huge number of people saying they’d never been to a protest, and lots of people who weren’t exactly the protest-y type.

    3. Pigeon Street

      Hmm, again you’re missing the point and you contradict yourself. All that’s being called for is a reviewing of our legislation. This case simply brings it to the present forefront of politcal and public discussion. If nobody gave a sh*t then the need for addressing our laws might once again fall by the wayside.

  4. John

    I think it’s great so many people are out protesting about this.

    But I despair that people didn’t show the same level of anger at the bank bailouts and the destruction of our economy.

    1. BLC

      I guess the solution to this is is simpler to find.

      I think media commentators ignore the degree to which people agree with the current government’s handling of the financial situation, and the degree to which people feel that we deserved some or all of what we’ve got.

      1. John

        Oooh I don’t think so BLC. I don’t deserve a bit of this. I didn’t splurge on cheap credit and I don’t exploit others in hard times or good times.

        I think the media is actively pro-government and pro IMF.

        1. ABM in meat

          Fine Gael have been the party of first preference by a margin of at least 8% since the last election. Add in Labour and webhavecto acknowledge that this is a pulsar government.

          I agree with you, by the way, and I don’t think I deserve it either. But that’s not how democracy works. Our people rewarded a corrupt government, who stoked a catastrophic boom, by re-electing them. We did it to ourselves.

  5. Gheffers

    What I’m trying to say is what are they saying “never again” for?.”Never again” to the lack of clear legislation,or “Never again” to set of circumstance’s in which this woman died,which might have nothing to do with the lack of legislation.”Never again” seems to be a fairly generic term.They don’t know the facts,I don’t know the facts.By all means protest about the lack of proper legislation,but don’t use this woman’s death,if she died from uncontrollable medical complications, as a soapbox.

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