Ah Here/Ah Now


Last night’s Love/Hate on RTE 1.

Bewildered writes:

There goes some nice childhood memories…


Relax, dad.

She’s not a Smurf.


16 thoughts on “Ah Here/Ah Now

      1. Mani

        You’ve performed the lord’s work today, Mick. Now he’s gone to look up the meaning of ‘priapism’ and ‘do’.

  1. Tickle

    ah it was a funny scene. The ears on yer one :)

    And him promising to give her a second lash later if she played her cards right.
    Classic stuff.

  2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    This and yer man nibbiling on his other halfs arss, porn and violence. Finally RTE give the public what they want.

    1. Lan

      You are aware that the internet is full of porn AND violence! Why would you need RTE’s take on either subject?

  3. Murtles

    “Jaysus I needed dat” she said. Loved Nidge calling her into the car later “…I’ll come back and paint yer face with acid, now geroutta me car ya fat bitch” (or something along those lines). Classic stuff.

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