Let The Cashing-In Begin


Ah here.

Barton Keyes writes:

Thought you might like this shirt design I’ve been working on the last few days. Designed for returning friends as well as shameless cashing in! oh….also…….”The O that looks like……”


Diaspora Dhuit Tee (RedBubble)


10 thoughts on “Let The Cashing-In Begin

    1. The Old Boy

      Not true; you just think that because the last bunch of clowns you saw wearing green were beaten 6-1 by Germany.

    1. Barton Keyes

      Trying out different fonts, finicky details like the outline of Ireland in the O, overlays, chopping and changing, etc. Add to that, that I wasn’t working on only this and the requisite booze breaks and food comas this time of year, it took a day or two. Although if that qualifies me for a civil service job then all the better :)

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