30 thoughts on “I Can Haz Sorcery?

  1. flingletuff

    look at the sign stuck on the window behind. at the point of the cat appearing you hear a noise and then a lady pops up behind. i think there is some sort of hatch in the sign where she puts the kitten and he pulls it out. while the right hand is retrieving the kitten, our view is obscured by his left hand. plausible??

    1. Stephen

      You can see her at the start though, looks like she is just sitting there with that guy who gets up just before her, this is impressive though.

    2. Shard

      Looks more likely that it’s the condiments counter that she is at. At the 9 seconds time stamp on the video, she hands the guy in the background beside her a couple of chopsticks and she also appears to have a bowl or a food holder in her hand.

  2. Softlike

    Extremely fast hands he just grabs it from his pocket. The quickness of the hand deceives the eye, the magicians code.

  3. Marketeer

    Is that a hole in the poster just above the coffee cup and slightly to the left? It gets covered when he pulls up the cat.

  4. anvil

    The thing is when you keep watching it when you’re pissed you end up just feeling like a dickhead.
    Feckin’ Orientals like.

    PS: Hand in the foreground hides a multitude of sins.

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