Who Put The Horse In The Horse Burger?


It was the ‘Ra.

Willie Frazer (above) of the Northern Ireland victim advocate group FAIR and a loyalist activist, sat down with James Bennett of the University Times to discuss his intention to organise a Union Flag protest in Dublin.

Soon it got somewhat meatier

James Bennett: “Can you give me an example of money going missing?

Willie Frazer: “Yes. The Land Registry… I’ve got the officer I reported it to a number of years ago, and the documentation. One of them was a senior IRA man. As a matter of fact, three of them were senior IRA men, who had defrauded millions. If they had acted then, not only would they have saved the country millions, they wouldn’t have caused a fine of 70 million from Europe. But it was not in the public interest to follow it up. It’s the same with this horsemeat. We have it on public record that we raised that five years ago.”

Bennett: “About horsemeat?”

Frazer: “Yes.”

Bennett: Who raised this?

Frazer: “The victims.”

Bennett: “FAIR?”

Frazer: “Yes. And I can introduce you to the investigating officer that I reported it to.”

Bennett: “Why do think it didn’t come out then?”

Frazer: “Because senior IRA men were involved in it.”

Bennett: “The IRA were involved with putting horsemeat into beef products?

Frazer: “Yes.”

Bennett: “Why would they do that?”

Frazer: “To make money. It’s the same with cows that have to be sold within a certain number of months after they’re born. Basically old fat cows that are 30 months old have been put into the food chain because the republicans have the means of getting it in. And a blind eye has been turned to it. This is the kind of thing that’s going on that we’re sick of… There is a blind eye being turned to so much fraud so that they don’t upset the peace process. That is what is creating the problems here.”

They Took Our Flegs (James Bennett, University Times)

Thanks Eamonn Young