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The Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) today outside Leinster House launching a week of action (March 1-10) to persuade legislatiors to enact legislation on the x case before the Summer recess.

A Gathering-style postcard (above) will be sent to all TDs.

Pic: William Hederman

67 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

  1. DryWeaveTopSheet

    Keep up the great work ladies. They can’t ignore this forever, despite all evidence to the contrary :-(

    1. Man who stands on top of Henry St.

      You with your “science” and your “facts” will prove nothing but how damned you are. It will be myself, SiriusBrowne and ABM by the side of god.

      We will toast marshmallows of righteousness on you as you burn in the pits of hell.

  2. SiriusBrowne

    85% of people in Ireland DO NOT want unlimited abortion on demand. This people want to kill babies. Assume it- full stop.

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      SiriusBrowne 85% of people are idiots, just because I add a % and state it as a fact does not make it true

          1. woesinger

            Sirius thinks legislation on X will lead to abortion on demand because women are lying hussies who will use their womanly wiles to deceive trained psychiatrists. Because women are cunning and evil that way.

    2. Sarah

      i want unlimited abortion – abortion on demand – most young, modern women do. we’ve had enough of the magdalen laundry mentality.

        1. Sarah

          abortion on demand. now. catholic ireland is dead. we need full abortion rights, unconditional abortion rights. it’s time to grow up Ireland.

          1. SiriusBrowne

            What does catholic anything have to do with it? Of course catholic ireland is long gone- Ireland of the 21st century is extremely secular in fact almost actively anti-catholic. Abortion has nothing to do with the church this is a human rights based issue- its about protecting the desire of people like you to cheapen the value of life and remove human rights of individuals.

            Unlimited abortion- “grow up ireland”- what grow up like China?

          2. herself

            Except I don’t think its abortion on demand. Abortion isn’t a product to be consumed. Every woman should have the right to choose. Its not an easy choice but it should be every womans individual choice.

      1. Lee

        I agree. I’ve said it before on Broadsheet, if we have abortion-with-conditions, we’ll have all sorts of groups and organisations accusing women of lying about being raped, lying about being suicidal or pretending they have a case where TFMR would be appropriate.

        As I don’t want my fellow Irish women to be subject to accusations like this (in a more upfront face-to-face manner than what happens now) I’d rather we just have autonomy over our lives.

        1. Am I Still on This Island

          Sarah/Lee, Personally I don’t agree with abortion on demand, but if you fine ladies deem it fit that it is the best solution to your situation you should be entitled to it.Sadly I dont think it is politically or otherwise a runner right now.

          I would like to see some sensible legislation introduced soon that will ensure no women has to travel to the UK to terminate an unviable pregnancy/remove a foetus as a result of rape/incest etc and has to go through the trauma and strain that that causes.

          1. SiriusBrowne

            It is not as you so eloquently put it “a runner” to allow anyone based on their own personal convenience to end a human life. It is morally reprehensible that anyone would even suggest such a thing.

          2. herself

            Its not abortion on demand! It’s a womans right to choose. I couldn’t imagine forcing a pregnancy on a woman that does not want to have the child. That is morally wrong and reprehensible. Its never an easy choice but the fact is that women you know have had abortions. They aren’t evil people and they won’t go to hell.

    3. Man who stands on top of Henry St.

      Nail. Head.

      There’s obviously an organised group out there that want to go around murdering babies in the name of Satan.

      That’s exactly what this is about.

      You should prey extra hard for their souls as the day of reckoning is almost upon us. Time to put on those Rapture underpants and get ready to meet the good lord.

      Can I get an amen?

        1. Man who stands on top of Henry St.

          Don’t be so blasphemous. Eamonn with two ‘nn’s and no fada is a heathen’s name.

          Rapture underpants are specially blessed and have crosses & pictures of aborted foetuses on them – to remind one to be chaste.

    4. well

      Oh look its that bigot again making things up. You’ve been proven wrong by every referendum and poll on this issue.

      Even pro-life campaigns leading questions (thanks Cora) prove you wrong.

      And now you “prolife” people seem be literally having shit fits over the FACT that most of Ireland disagrees with your bigoted abhorrent views.

      1. SiriusBrowne

        Again (I have had to write this MULTIPLE times on this website) PLEASE explain to me HOW exactly I have a bigot? I might as well call you a paedophile- no justification.

        Every referendum and every government ever elected has rejected leglislation on this issue. If there was an overwhelming majority in favour of this then we wouldnt be having this conversation and there wouldnt be thousands of people marching in the street to protect the ight to life of the unborn. So you clearly dont have a point.

        I dont know what your even refering to with the leading questions proving me wrong? Would be beneficial if you could explain.

        This is the hilarious thing- pro choice seems to think they are the mainstream and prolife is some sort of fringe. There is nowhere NEAR a majority in this country in favour of legalising unlimited abortion on demand- which is what the government under duress from Labour and the morbid savita-using pr spin machine of the prochoice movement is currently proposing.

        1. Man who stands on Henry Street

          Here here, SiriusBrowne.

          Just because you have a standpoint that anybody who MURDERS BABIES are going to hell, and anybody who disagrees with that are idiots and should be massacred in the name of God – doesn’t make you are a bigot. To hell with facts, data and statistics. Those are the work of the devil don’t you know.

          To right. I look forward to joining you, and all the many, MANY other young, non-religious people that attend all our rallies along with the special masses and bingo that go after them.

          I mean you could WIN AN IPAD FFS. Do bigots give away ipads? I think not.

          1. SiriusBrowne

            Can you please tell me when have I EVER:

            -used the term “Murders Babies”
            -said that anyone was going to Hell
            -Invoked God in any way, shape or form
            -Invoked the devil in any way, shape or form

            You my friend are prejudicial and bigotted. You clearly are violently anti-religious and you assume that I am religious. Which I have never said. I may be atheist or agnostic- none of that is any of your business nor is it relevant in anyway to this argument because whether god exists or not does not in any way effect the ethical and moral humanistic arugment about the intrinsic value of life and whether it is ethically right to persue
            -stem cell research
            -medical experimentation with human life that can benefit society as a whole

            So now that I have clarified a wild and violent prejudice that you bizarrely seem to have against the prolife movement- could you please explain to me how I am a bigot (this time without the sarcasm)?

          2. Man who stands on Henry Street

            You have me all wrong, brother.

            Every word you write is as penned by my faithful self.

            We are on the same team. The same side of the same coin. Two reeds billowing side by side in the river of intolerance.

          3. herself

            I also beleive the statement about being a bigot may refer the the broadly anti-woman stance that the pro-life movement take. Being anti-contraception, broadly homophobic, rejecting new ways that families organise themselves. I mean I would expect that a pro-life movement would be supportive of the rights of single parents, active on child poverty and actually promote the free availability of contraception on sex education for young people and the population in general. Obviously these things would go a long way to prevent the need for abortions. However the pro-life movement is broadly underpinned by a right-wing and oftern religious idealogy that doesn’t favour women who break the traditional conventions. Doesn’t engage with single parents in acts of solidarity and generally doesnt seem to care about babies and families once they are born. I don’t know you but I think the pro-life movement is a bigotted one.

      1. SiriusBrowne

        Wow- super intelligent post- really raised the tone of the debate. You are clearly a scholar and a gentleman sir.

          1. SiriusBrowne

            Were you touched by a priest as a child or something- you seem to harbour an unhealthy obsession with religion……you keep ignoring the point of the conversation and ranting- it cheapens your argument.

          2. Man who stands on Henry Street

            Touched by a priest? Never. That’s all just anti-Catholic propaganda.

            Damn liberal media and their baby murdering agenda. Are you with me SiriusBrowne?

          3. SiriusBrowne

            No I am not with you……largely because your comment doesnt make sense.
            I am not representative of the catholic church. I am merely making the point that in a straight up debate about abortion who people seem to go off on a rant about the catholic church which ahs nothing to do with the debate. I merely question where this hatred and obsession comes from and why it is cosnstantly employed in a debate where it is completely irrelevant.

          4. Man who stands on Henry Street

            If he hadn’t been resurrected by his father, Jesus would be turning in his grave as people throw slanderous completely false accusations against the anointed here on earth.

            Such as:
            -Child Rape. Completely unfounded. Liberal media Lies.
            – The White Slave Labour of the Laundries. They were HELPING them. Duh.
            – Spreading of Aids. Telling people in the Third World not to Use condoms is responsible. As long as they follow the letter of the lord and stay faithful and NOT GAY they will be fine.
            – Symphysiotomy. IMHO it’s just selfish of women not to want their pelvis unhinged.

            I’m tired of all this hating of the church. Can we not all go back to blaming the Protestants for everything?

  3. Anne

    No, they (we) all of us want to be able to make the choice about what happens to our bodies in a given circumstance … but you knew that already didn’t you?

  4. Mollie

    Why are the dolls dressed for the seaside, there’s an east wind here that’s not fit for man nor beast.

      1. Sheisthecatsmother

        The undergarments stained with hemoglobin and feacal matter had a certain Joyce-esque flavour, did they not?

  5. Sheisthecatsmother

    Is an elephant self aware because it has death rituals?
    Is it sentient if it lacks language?
    Is a bottle-nose dolphin sentient?
    Can we morally eat a sentient creature?
    Can we morally kill a sentient creature?

    Is a fetus sentient?

    If it potentially can become sentient, can not also all other beings on this planet potentially become sentient (or their descendants) so therefore if it is a crime to kill a being (like a fetus) because it has the potential to grow into a sentient being, is it a crime to kill anything?
    Should I become a Fruit and Nutarian? And only shit in the woods? Like a bear (which may also be self aware too…)

    Is Bleach a weapon of mass destruction?

    Am I a murdress for having cancer treatment?

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