Not Remotely Offensive



Peter Stringer?

A leprechaun?


David Kinch writes:

Not sure if you spotted this yet. A brilliantly awful (and slightly racist) promo video by USA Rugby for the upcoming June games with Ireland.


40 thoughts on “Not Remotely Offensive

    1. Eric T

      im actually not offended by the leprechaun, for the record. im offended that Todd thinks he is really Clever (DIDYOUF**KINGSEEWHATIDIDTHERE?!!?!?!?!?!111!!!1ONE!ELEVEN!!!!1111!!) by making an ad like this, implying that he wont be owned on international TV.

      I do like that it’s for raising interest in the game. hoo-ray!

  1. Rod

    If you’re going to sell Paddywagon tours, and leprechauns in all the gift stores you can’t really have it both ways… this is merely the result of the tripe we sell them.

    1. Gearóid

      It’s a good idea, in fairness.

      Puts the ball in our court; we can’t kick up a fuss or we end up looking bad. Gotta respect that.

  2. Sab

    00:34 – GET OFF TOMMY BOWE!

    Also, this is hilarious. Unleash Paul “The Specimen” O’Connell!

  3. doodledee

    Surely we should go out and make one with a big fat guy having his fried chicken stolen by SOB!

    1. edalicious

      Ha, that’d be fantastic: Halftime, USA losing by a cricket score and they play this on the big screens.

          1. paul m

            not in Lansdowne no. I’ll be watching it on the tv while some lucky charms get to be there at the game in Houston, Texas, U.S of A.

    1. Sgt. Bilko

      Who knew he could play in so many positions?

      At least he had the good grace to look embarrassed.

    1. Dash Rickwood

      I like the way they show the three things the USA team got right the last time they played Ireland.

  4. Irish Girl

    Haha hilarious!! It will be even funnier when Ireland kick USA’s ass in June :D

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      I’m sure Australia were thinking the same thing when Ireland beat them.

  5. A Sirius case of the ABMs

    We should make a video in return using some stereotypes….possibly Drone Strikes on the Aviva?

  6. munkifisht

    What goes around comes around. They call us leprechauns, we call them a bunch of gun touting, globally ignorant, religious lunatics with more power and money than sense.

  7. stratfoj

    over to ireland’s creative genius’s to come up with a good riposte.

    perhaps a load of overweight lardasses in US jerseys running and then reluctantly walking towards the irish team who are observing whilst casually sipping pints.

    1. Scatman John

      The Gathering gurus would only churn out something similar to the Americans

  8. Iwerzon

    Lets get BOD to blacken-up, with a banjo on his knee “Yes mazza, hmmm,hummm” with a shoe-shine box, shining the boots of all the Irish playes. Would that be racist?

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