38 thoughts on “Never Look At A HB Brunch The Same Way Again

  1. Jockstrap

    Some MBA worked out they could save millions by reducing the crumbly bits by X percent.

    I don’t HB anymore. They are as Irish as a Gdansk fart.

    1. Friday

      They’re called Wall’s in the UK, Langnese in Germany, Algida in most of Eastern Europe, Frigo, Frisko and Ola elsewhere…

    1. Noyouare

      Ah yeah. Totally post worthy because of the straight faced response from HB. Hilarious

  2. Father Filth

    Brunches always looked better than the experience, the coating sometimes felt like moist bread crumbs..

    Wibbly Wobbly Wonders on the other hand.. Mmmm.

    My nickname at school was.. Fat Frog, after the green ice pop of the same name. Took years of therapy..

    1. realPolithicks

      Years of therapy, and now you call yourself “Father Filth”….I’d ask for a refund..

  3. my2yen

    I once had a wallnut whip that looked like the tip of my cocker spaniels nose…and opened an Iceburger once to be confronted by what I can only describe as looking like spaniels ears…but i digress.

      1. JonWayne

        and you woke up with a mouth full of hair…….Yeah, yeah, yeah!
        Pull the other one….No wait, please no!

  4. Age

    “We’re investigating a quality control issue with Brunches at the moment” – if moment meant the last 3 years then I believe them.

  5. mick

    Been like that for years. They used to be great.

    (A HB-broadsheet offer would be a great way for us all to put this sorry mess behind us and move on)

  6. my2yen

    This just in…

    A ‘Blue Waffle’ for everyone courtesy of HB.

    Just answer this simple question…

    What’s the main topping on a ‘Blue waffle’?…no cheating now by looking up a picture.

        1. my2yen

          I apoligise, can I also apologise on behalf of Broadsheet.ie for posting the op that appeared on the HB facebook page,also for colom that sent in in and Siobhan Durcan who made that disgusting anology in the first place…

          1. Last Taboo

            Point taken re the original questionable joke with insidious associations re women’s sexual organs etc. But as a feminist in a misogynistic world, I need to prioritize. And if the type of bile you posed isn’t flagged up for what it is, then it just continues to be propagated and reinforced.

  7. dave g k

    Which one is Siobhan btw? I don’t get having two people in shot as a profile photo. You don’t do it for passports. Where it’s really confusing is when they are both the same sex, always female funnily enough.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      This just in: Facebook Profile Pictures are not the same as Passport Photos

      You (as a complete stranger) should send her a message asking for clarification on which one she is. Perhaps she mistakenly things her profile photo is a way to personalise her facebook page instead of it being a way for her to formally identify herself to you.

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