48 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Drogheda

        1. Tickle (Now with 100% non-moderated comments!)

          T’was very good.
          I think it was called BBC.Dave.Allen.Gods.Own.Comedian.720p

          Or something….never new about the whole “repeats” thing!

    1. Ger W

      Actually,it’s”Dougal’s doing a funeral? You let Dougal do a funeral??”

      P.S. was the second close up picture really required?

  1. H

    When we were driving to the church for my Dad’s funeral my Ma said ‘Can your man in front not go any faster?’ then remembered it was the hearse – true story we all got a chuckle out of it.

  2. mike

    Epic fail. Pic needs to be sent onto the international internet, for display right next to that wan that spent 20 mins parking her car in Belfast.

  3. Pro-Frilly Keane

    I’m skitting here lads.
    ‘probably makes me an ignorant so n so but still

    Can’t helpself. Just imagining yer wan in the car behind with the coffin breaking through the windscreen ….
    I’m in tears.

  4. Cathy

    This photo was taken by my friend Sean Sullivan Smyth. he took it 2 years ago! he only posted it up online today!

  5. rungmc

    The coffin is empty:

    1) The undertaker is in his civvies
    2) There’s no name plaque on it.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Can you also make out if he is laughing or has a “not again” grimace on his face?

    2. Sidewinder


      Also can’t see any flowers, there’s usually be a few on top of the coffin.

    3. Action Man

      It looks like a temporary coffin that the undertakers use when they first collect the body to bring it to the mortuary for preparation. There’s a mortuary further up the road on the right. Hence no plaque and the undertaker being in civvies.

  6. Mike Baldwin

    I call fake, For the coffin to have accelerated through the back window the hearse would have to have been hit from behind and I can;t see damage to the body (of the hearse!), or else yer man was reversing at 60 Km/h and then handbraked madly.

    1. Tickle (Now with 100% non-moderated comments!)

      Having recently had an unsecured fridge (on its back) in the back of a rather large and long van I can assure you that simple/normal acceleration will cause a non strapped down object to slide towards the back (Assuming a surface that is not anti slip) Probably with enough power to do damage or in this case break glass. Same applies when you brake.

      That was one nervous drive to power city as the van was brand new and not even registered!

  7. Mike Baldwin

    …and the reverse lights are on, which means unless it’s LHD and his mate has the clutch down means it’d be moving…

    1. Naomi Mac

      Indicators, no? As in, he most likely had his hazard lights on by this stage, despite the hazard being side-splittingly obvious. Poor lad…

      1. Tickle (Now with 100% non-moderated comments!)

        Plus most reverse lights are white. I think. Some EU standard.
        So that would be the ones at the bottom of the light cluster.

  8. Mike Baldwin

    Fair point but I was assuming he’d have the bars up to secure the coffin hence the need for a rear end to cause this (or else it’s a converted M5!).

    1. zackersetu

      Shadows?? clearly you are looking at a different picture. And there appears to be plenty sparkly bits on the ground!

  9. AndrewSB49

    Apparently the funeral arrangements for this guy were discussed in the family circle. He was asked: ‘Would you like to be buried or cremated?’, and his reply was: ‘I don’t know. Surprise me.’

    I bet this surprised him!

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