How Did He Know?


CallinSHatWallJustice Minister Alan Shatter and Mick Wallace were on Prime Time tonight to talk about the penalty points report and the appearance of Commissioner Martin Callinan at a Public Accounts Committee meeting earlier today.

During the chat, Mr Shatter accused Mr Wallace of having been stopped by the gardaí last May.

He said – with the authority of someone who may have actually seen a file on the subject – that Mr Wallace was on his phone while driving.

The rot is very strong in this one.

Alan Shatter: “As Deputy Wallace knows, even without…in issuing tickets, the Gardaí exercised discretion. Deputy Wallace himself was stopped with a mobile, on a mobile phone last May, by members of An Garda Síochána and he was advised by the guard who stopped him that a fixed ticket charge could issue and you would be, he could be given penalty points. But the garda apparently, as I’m advised…”

Pat Kenny: “Used his discretion.”

Shatter: “Used his discretion and warned him and told him not to do it again.”

Pat Kenny: “Mick? Mick? The guard used his discretion?”

Wallace: “I tell you what, first of all that’s news to me. Secondly, right, with regard to discretion…”

Kenny: “You don’t recall that incident?”

Wallace: “I don’t know. Listen with regard to discretion. It’s all very well to say they’re using discretions here and there but in actual fact, once the, the rule is once it goes on the system, they should go to court to deal with it. Now listen..”

Kenny: “By the way, are you not concerned that the minister should know about your private business dealing with the Gardaí?”

Wallace: “I’m not, I’m not remotely worried about what the minister knows.”

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39 thoughts on “How Did He Know?

  1. AJ

    In response to Kenny’s question “you don’t recall that incident?” I think what Wallace actually said was “I don’t, No” not “I don’t know”?

  2. Blah

    Very “They haven’t gone away, you know” of Shatter. Important to find out who told him this.

  3. Am I still on This Island

    Wallace is not worried as he knows just how useless Shatter actually is

    1. cluster

      Contrarian opinion – I reckon Shatter Is doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances.

      1. Pedanto

        So do I, but this is disturbing. He should not be plumbing Garda files to smear his opponents. Even if he came by the allegation innocently, he shouldn’t use it like this. The impression of a Justice Minister using the cops as a personal snoop squad is appalling, especially given the long history of it here.

  4. DS Mooney

    something delicious happened here. Shatter asked the Guards for dirt on Wallace. The Guards gave it to him. But, given how much they hate Shatter, they conveniently forgot to tell him that to use the information in this way would constitute a breach of the Official Secrets Act. Shatter has hung himself in the most exquisite way possible

    1. Am I still on This Island

      You would like to think that he would lose his job, but sadly he will be commended by Enda the gobdaw for being so good at his job he knows everything

      1. Alberto LuLu

        Shatter would not require the advice of another to know what he did was wrong. The thing that caused him to share this information with the country would be hubris on Shatter’s part.

        Political policing howareya.

    2. cluster

      Jumping to conclusions there. There any number of ways that Shatter could legally have heard about that.

      He was quite a successful lawyer, I imagine he I’d unlikely to hang himself that way. He’s more likely to do so by being technocratic and losing the support of those he needs to work with – judges, Guards, civil servants, other politicians…

  5. Eoin

    Wasn’t Shatter a solicitor before becoming a TD? Fairly sure he knows what he’s up to. Doubt anything will come of this for him anyway, it should but that’s just not how it works in good ole Ireland.

  6. PaddyJoe

    The list of people who the Gardai have used ‘discretion’ on never ends
    “Independent TD Luke “Ming” Flanagan who himself had penalty points set aside for a mobile phone-related traffic offence, claimed Fine Gael Wicklow TD Andrew Doyle, Fianna Fáil Longford-Westmeath TD Robert Troy and Roscommon Labour Senator John Kelly had points quashed.”

  7. Johnny

    Wallace was an embarrassment on primetime. This is very serious issue and he could barely string a coherent sentence together to counter the government line.

    1. marcus

      Took the words right out of my mouth….. and to think people voted this man into government.

    1. delacaravanio

      Not really. He knows that he shouldn’t be blabbering this in public, irrespective of who may told him.

  8. russain juice

    Shatter is a real nasty piece of work. Last week he wouldnt name other officials in a report and then he outs wallace like this. Prick.

  9. bisted

    …Elaine Byrne is tweeting details of how to make a complaint to the Standards Committee about Shatter….from Australia….don’t know if she’s angry or homesick.

  10. Moan

    Hopefully another nail in Shatter’s coffin, though Wallace is also a disgrace.

    Can we shine a light on what Shatter was doing in Herzliya, Israel, back in March, when the annual Herzliya Conference was taking place?
    Who did he meet with?
    Was he there at the Irish tax payer’s expense?

    And is it appropriate for an Irish Defence Minister to be there at all, while Irish troops are serving as peacekeepers on Israel’s northern flank?

    1. Fat Frog

      I’d like to know the answer to those questions as well. It seems that Shatter came to an arrangement on a joint road safety project with Israe while he was therel, an innocuous collaboration it would seem, who could object? But is this the publicly acceptable “thin end of the wedge”? Weapons deals with Israel, WTF? Clearly Shatter is on a mission to cosy Ireland up to Israel, driven not by his Judaism, but by the fact that he is a staunch zionist.

      I see he’s been retelling the propagandist lie about the IPSC bullying Dervish. Stay classy Minister Shatter.

  11. karen kenny

    First off im no fan of shatter,but he has tried to do his best in a bad situation regarding a lot of things on his plate,i dont agree with the closing down of gardai stations though..
    Back on topic,i cannot STAND THAT MUPPET PINK SHIRT LUNATIC MICK WALLACE..HE RAIDED PUBLIC FUNDS AND EVADED TAXES..What else is this crook up to?The public have A RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS CROOK,and i would personally like to see Mick Wallace out on his ear..He is nothing more than a professional protestor,nothing more,and a self serving ”independant”,who puts more energy into minding his own hole than anything else.
    Shatter did the right thing by coming out and exposing this crook for what he is..

  12. karen kenny

    Im no relation of anybody in fine gael for that matter..

    I think its very unfair that people are calling for the resignation of alan shatter,he has tried to do the best in a bad situation.

    Although im not in agreement with the closing down of police stations,as ”efficient or smart policing”..I think that is very cynical spin on his part..

    That aside we should be looking at mick wallace and the fact he raided public funds,do you think this man and a man of his actions represents the best interests of the public.

    He is an independant alright,like a lot of independants,self serving to the last.

    I for one would like to see this theiving crook mick wallace out on his ear..

  13. Wayne Carr

    “I’m not, I’m not remotely worried about what the minister knows.”

    Three days later…

    Mr Wallace told Mr Kenny he was shocked and thrown by the claims.

    Three years previously

    “I’m going to Dublin Ma”

    “I’ve a fuckin’ job!”

    Ah how I miss Fade Street… Dancin’ at the Crossroads, hun.

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