Opposite The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre



Bob Coggins (that’s his arm) writes:

…[Lower leeson Street minutes ago] parked up and taking pictures of themselves….


If you are sick of these posters and the tactics of Youth Defence. You may want to tell them tomorrow at 6pm. details here.

209 thoughts on “Opposite The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

        1. ThomasP

          What kids are these? A foetus is not a human being. If you think it is you are just wrong.

          1. Cristen

            I completely support your freedom to argue that a foetus is not a human, but you have no basis to say that those who disagree are “just wrong”.

            It’s a matter of opinion or belief, there’s no scientifically definitive point at which an unborn baby becomes a person. Some argue that we should therefore set abortion limits on the side of caution, and some that we shouldn’t abort at all. Both are valid points of view, even if you don’t agree with them.

          2. ThomasP

            I can’t reply to Cristen below so I’ll just do it here. I get you, I did not mean to be so crass but the flippant nature of the original post brought the response out in me. A foetus is distinct from a kid in many ways. I would suggest that the childs ability to survive independent of the mother is one pretty big differentiation betweena foetus and a “kid”

          3. Elizabeth

            If a child’s ability to survive independently from the mother is the criteria – who are we to deny any foetus the chance of independent survival? No matter the circumstances of the conception the new life should not be halted prematurely. Rather we should give as much support to the expectant mother as is possible to help her through the pregnancy and continue to support both mother and child afterwards. What has happened to our society, how did we get to the stage where we can take a life so easily or prevent a life from reaching it’s full potential. There have been many people born in the past who would not be allowed to reach full term today. Yet some of these people have contributed greatly to society. Why are we so afraid to be compassionate and caring towards those less physically or mentally able than ourselves?

  1. Alan

    What a pack of c^nts … seriously, someone* should do a post-womb abortion on them.

    *As in not me, this is not a threat against the pro-life lobby.

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        That was old Ireland. Now its lasagne. Phffft! You probably don’t even own an apartment in Bulgaria, you prole.

  2. Brian

    Ask Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign for a comment. She’ll say it’s a photoshop job and accuse the Rape Crisis Centre of looking for sympathy.

    1. Stapler

      We all have mouths to feed. I, for one, would rather not be an insensitive c^unt to do so.

  3. JoeyJoeJoe

    It’s not (and never) really about protecting children. It’s about imposing your will & punishing the sinful. It’s not real or satisfying for them unless they are grinding somebody’s face (usually a woman’s) into the ground.

    1. General Waste


      I wish the media would push the pro lifers on that very point ‘cos it’s the truth.

      1. Blobster

        It’s not, generally the truth though General. Most pro-life and pro-choice people are good people who want to protect human rights and be compassionate to other human beings.

        Thing is, there is a fundamental difference between those who understand human life to include babies in the womb and those who don’t.

        For the most part, people on both sides are well-intentioned, caring people – but with such a fundamental difference between them, misunderstanding or failing to accept the other side’s point of view is, unfortunetly, almost inevitable.

        Also, although I have no doubt I’ll be skinned alive for saying this – is there not a chance that the dude driving this truck found that this was a convenient place to pull in and stop (and take photos)? I don’t know Dublin City Centre that well.

          1. Blobster

            You’ve a point to make somewhere there Mikeyfex. Perhaps have a think about it over lunch and come back ready to share it.

          2. Mikeyfex

            “For the most part, people on both sides are well-intentioned, caring people – but with such a fundamental difference between them, misunderstanding or failing to accept the other side’s point of view is, unfortunetly, almost inevitable.”

            and my response above came to mind. That’s all. Could do with lunch though.

          1. Blobster

            Mike, below, explains that it’s actually 70m down the street. Why didn’t they park closer? Opposite – like the title of the article says?

        1. Lillabeff

          Well he *should* know Dublin well enough to know that. I don’t see why they would pull over on an otherwise quiet street, doesn’t really get the point across that they’re spreading the word today, does it?

        2. Blobster

          I’d say its far more (and for far more people) about people’s understanding of the nature of an unborn child. If you believe and unborn child is a human being worthy of protection then that’ll explain why people are excercised about it.


        3. Am I still on This Island

          I have never been raped or needed to avail of the services but I know where this building is and I am pretty sure the pro lifers know where it is

        4. Rachel

          Blobster- I see what you are trying to say. And I would say, fine if you belive that the life of a child starts from the moment of conception, dont get an abortion. If you feel that its cells which you are not ready/able etc to cop with then get an abortion. The main point is to have a choice in the matter.

          1. Elizabeth

            The choice surely is whether or not to take an action that is likely to result in a pregnancy. (in the case of rape victims they don’t have that choice. As far as I am aware pregnancy resulting from rape is quite rare. Rape is wrong. Some believe abortion is also wrong and two wrongs do not make a right.

        5. Grimes

          The Rape Crisis centre is located on Leeson street. I cannot tell from the photo which side of the street the van is parked on, but either way they are parked in a bus lane on a very busy main street, causing an obstruction and an eye sore to the general public.

          But then again Anti-Choicers never struck me as the law abiding type

        6. sadie

          Well, if you thought that fetuses were humans, like genuinely, then youd also be focused on campaigns like opposing cuts to childcare and in favour of gay adoption etc. No, the leaders of the anti choice movement don’t give a toss about children. Its just a moral cover for misogyny

        7. cluster

          Every time the ‘pro-lifers’ do or say something horrendous, we get this nonsense of both-sides-are-generally-good-people-but the-extremists-on-both-sides-cause-the-problems.

          Name these extremists on the pro-choice side? I haven’t heard the ‘extreme’ pro-choice case being made anywhere in the media.

          Opposing legislation for the X-case is not ‘pro-life’, it is extreme pro-life. There is nobody opposing the X-case legislation that is not an extremist.

          1. Blobster

            Anyone proposing abortion on demand, with the only criteria being “does the woman want it” is an extreme pro-choicer. In effect, they’re saying “any reason will do” including minor disabilities or abnormalities (such as cleft palatte as in the case of some abortions in the UK) and sex-selective abortion (which is rife in the professional classes in India).

          2. Jay

            As an “extreme” pro-choice advocate I simply want women to be able to choose. I want their decision making ability to be accepted. They should not have to justify to others their decision as if we all quietly accept that abortion is morally wrong. We don’t, not all of us. Listing acceptable (in some minds) reasons for procuring an abortion is another way to signify that it’s fundamentally wrong. Believe that it’s wrong if you want, I believe in choice.

  4. orla

    Exactly what I was thinking. Carry on nutjobs… Every bizarre step you take will alienate you from the fence sitters *rubs hands together*

  5. gh

    Pro Life group are complete and utter fascist morons. Also the way they have hijacked the term Pro Life is a cynical vain attempt to portray anyone else as pro abortion. Disgusting degenerates.

  6. AnnaBrid

    They are just afraid the priests mightn’t have vulnerable women and children to abuse in the future.

    1. Seán Marlow

      Wouldn’t they be better advertising some RCC land or buildings for sale to pay their share of the €50 million that the taxpayers are being forced to pay for the RCC abuse of women in the Magdelen laundries?

  7. Zynks

    Sometimes it it hard to stay cool and democratically allow people to voice their views… that is petty, ignorant and offensive.

  8. Snooch

    From now on every single one of these vans I encounter around town is getting egged and scrawled on.

    This is infuriating.

      1. ocbjack

        We have a thing in Ireland called shops. They are everywhere! Some are even open for 24 hours! Lots of them sell eggs.

  9. chill

    What the shit, that is disgraceful. I have an overwhelming desire to deface that and all other ‘pro-life’ propaganda. Fortunately for them, I am unlike them, in that I have cop on and am for the most part sane.

    1. scottser

      be under no illusions, the anti-choice side have no problems ripping down any posters outlining a stance contrary to their own. work away, sez i.

  10. Clur

    This is what’s wrong with our country. Absolutely disgusting.
    Where do they even get the money to fund it?

      1. Seán Marlow

        Those rightwing nuts, rather than decent taxpayers, should be made to pay for the RCC abuse of real living children

        1. Michael Reidy

          Right wing nuts are not decent taxpayers? Only left wing nuts pay tax? I don’t think the Right or the Left are democratic. Then what are tax payers?

    1. Michael Reidy

      What’s wrong with our country is tons of stupidity, and failure to prioritise development of intellectual property – and a matriarchal system of government…

  11. Guest User

    “We should just go out and shoot all of them the world would be a better place. I have a few guns and in the meantime we can use eggs”
    Mob mentality here. Who cares? I don’t. I don’t think they maliciously parked there. You’re all doing exactly what they’re doing: moralizing and not respectig other viewpoints that make you feel uncomfortable. Reply to my comment. I invite you to but I issue a challenge. Try do it without moralizing, patronising, religion or bad language.

    1. hyper nova

      “Who cares? I don’t.”
      Then no one cares to have a discussion with you.
      You can tolerate someone’s right to an opinion, but you don’t have to respect it.

    2. Fill3rup

      I would,but im afraid it would be a difficult exchange as my horse is at a height disadvantage to yours..

    3. timbot

      It’s traditional to use quotation marks for a quote not a paraphrase. Although these paranoic fantasies are interesting insight into the mindset of an pro life extremist.

  12. Sarah S

    Scumbags. They obviously hate women. Their campaign is filled with misinformation and lies and stinks of desperation. Grrr makes me angry

        1. Jenda

          Link didn’t work!

          Google map search 70 Leeson Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland to 36 Lesson Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland.

          They’re not nearly as far apart as you’re implying, one is a few doors down from the other and they have no other reason to park on that street as others have said.

          1. Mike

            Leeson Street is an extremely busy thoroughfare and it is a motorised billboard. Of course they have a reason to park on that street.

        1. Caboosicle

          How would I know that? I don’t think I have ever even been on Leeson St I was only going by google maps.

          The point I was trying to make is that there is misinterpretation or misrepresentation from both sides, but this website seems to only be interested in promoting one side of the argument “but im sure you knew that” ;)

  13. Sham Bob

    Can’t wait for the legislation to go through so these people can crawl back under their rock.

    1. cluster

      I wouldn’t relax just yet.

      Next will be a fight over TMFR, which they haven;t a hope of winning.

      And then the big one, giving women the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

      1. robert

        The Vatican, Iran and other religious states are resisting efforts by a UN conference, which started Monday, to demand tougher global standards to prevent violence against women and children.

        More than 6,000 non-government groups are registered at the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women, one of the biggest events held at the UN headquarters which regularly turns into a diplomatic battle.

        This year’s meeting has been made more emotive after an attack several months ago by the Taliban on 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai for her attempts to promote girls’ education in Pakistan and because of widely publicized gang rapes in India and South Africa.

        Diplomats said the Holy See, Iran and Russia are leading attempts wipe out language in a draft final statement that says religion, custom or tradition must not be used as an excuse to avoid a government’s obligation to eliminate violence.

        They also have opposed references to rape by a woman’s husband or partner, diplomats said.

        “Violence against women must be seen as a human rights issue and that has nothing to do with culture or religion,” Norway’s Gender Equality Minister Inga Marte Thorkildsen told AFP.

        “The Vatican, conservative religious forces within the United States and Europe, Catholic and Muslim countries are joining forces to stop women from gaining sexual rights,” the minister said, predicting tough negotiations during the two week conference.

        “It has to do with power and equality and the lack of will to see women as valuable as men,” Thorkildsen added.

        “We have to see good prosecutions, prevention and protection for these women and children.”

        “I am optimistic, but it will be hard,” said Thorkildsen.

        “When they speak about moral issues, those who are trying to hinder a conclusion, they have to ask themselves about the real moral hazard of our time — which is depriving millions of women and children of the right to a life.”

        Much has been made at the conference of a World Bank report which estimates that more women aged 15-44 are killed violently than die of malaria, HIV, cancer, accidents and war combined.

        “We have to commit to concrete means to prevent this,” said the Norwegian minister who estimated that gender-based violence costs her country one billion dollars a year.

        Lynne Featherstone, Britain’s international development minister, said: “We must do everything in our power to defend the hard-gained progress on women’s rights.

        “We must ensure that the international community agrees a set of global standards to help protect women and girls everywhere from violence.”

        Michele Bachelet, the head of the UN Women agency and former president of Chile, said the two week meeting would be “critical”

        “We need to strengthen implementation of laws, policies and programs for preventing and responding to violence against women and girls,” she said.

        “Implementation must be accelerated and governments should be held accountable for their commitments and obligations,” Bachelet added.

        The UN missions for the Vatican, Iran and Russia declined to comment immediately on the conference.

  14. Alan

    They just claimed on Twitter that ‘anti-lifers are spreading lies again’ and that the van is ‘stuck in traffic’. And then promptly deleted the tweet.

          1. Tickle (T.B.C.)

            I’d actually need to add “..stop threatening me” if I were to be fully correct with the quote, and start with “I’m” rather than “I am”

  15. Jen

    If you don’t agree with abortions, DON’T GET ONE. It’s that simple! why impose your horrible, traditional opinions on women in crisis? Most pro-lifers are men or older people anyway. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A UTERUS!

    1. Bob

      that last line is bull. there is also ignorant women out there who believe it is their right to make decisions on another womans body, in fact i would go so far as to say the women outnumber the men in this issue.

    2. Michael Reidy

      and you don’t even have a bollocks. Maybe you do – if so, why don’t you understand?

  16. Chris Lynam

    It’s like one of those really inappropriate one-liners you’d probably laugh at on Family Guy. This really is bad taste. I’d love to meet the f**ker who thought this was OK to go ahead and print.

  17. Bob

    i remember a few years ago there was ice cream trucks waiting outside schools at the end of the day so when parents collected their children they would turn on the music and it would force parents to either buy ice cream or upset their children. needless to say the parents went out in force and the school joined with them to ban the ice cream trucks from preying on children like this and yes that was what it was, preying on children. this is the EXACT same ideology right here.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Except the pro-life crowd see themselves as the parents.

      And abortion as the ice-cream.

      1. Lute

        Well said @ZeligIsJaded. Good parents of the country, they “forget” that other people (unlike them) happen to be adults and haven’t sought their parenting services. Double-think lunatics.

  18. Danny Mills

    Rumor has it that the arm you see is actually a Stunt Arm. It’s not his real arm. For shame, OP. For shame.

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.

      According to YD, there’s actually 1,000,000 arms in that photograph.

  19. mayte

    Pro-life?? More like the Inquisition serving a cause and not thinking about what prisoners are they taking…. the basic thing every human being needs is Respect, if they love life and people so much, why don’t they show a bit??

  20. Ferris

    From @YouthDefence on Twitter: “Ad-mobile driver said he was in traffic. He has been instructed not to park there.”

    Like good citizens they were just caught in invisible traffic. Happens to all of us.

  21. Colette

    Folks, I work around the corner from Lower Leeson Street and I’ve just walked there this lunchtime. It’s one of the older streets in the city, which means that the numbering on the buildings is up one side and down the other. The RCC is in No. 70 (next to the Cypriot embassy), and directly opposite it is No. 30. So yes, the van wasn’t parked opposite it but it wasn’t too far away (outside Nos 37 & 38 – you can see the numbers on the fanlights over the doors).
    Just plain spiteful and nasty.

  22. Colette

    Sorry, that didn’t read correctly – the buildings are number up one side of the street and down the other. Hell, you know what I meant – you’re smart people!

    Go to Marlborough Street on the northside of the city and see the same thing re the numbers on buildings.

    1. Cora Sherlock

      It was an anonymous tweeter, and a smile is not an endorsement. I smile all the time.

      1. Talking Pie

        Good creative defence their Cora, the second best one I’ve heard from the anti-choice campaign today…

  23. Shauna Louise

    What benefit are they gaining by parking outside a Rape Crisis Center? Personally I won’t get an abortion but who in god’s name would give me the right to tell another person not to have an abortion. I genuinely think the abortion law needs to brought in for medical reasons *I am not even going to bother getting into that part* and prevent another case like Sivita’s (is that right?) But parking an “advertisement” like that is just plain wrong, foolish and ignorant.

      1. Pedanto

        I think that’s a serious point, Cluster, and it’s not made often enough. The greed of the church in Ireland is staggering. I’m sure it’s lost them huge amounts of public support.

    1. Blobster

      Lawyers representing the church tried to play that card nellyb. They were rightly torn a new one by bishops and laity once they found out abour the legal tack they were taking.

  24. Ringos Dove

    Hopefully anyone on the fringes of support for this organisation will finally realise it’s time to quickly get reassess things

  25. Lucas

    Will it be so hard for someone to put a tin of brown paint in a plastic bag and throw it at the van?

    Yeah i know that’s vandalism, bla bla bla sure this behavior is greater than what they’re doing, no?

  26. jay

    Just a poor sod , I work at the game , we just get a poster and an area to cover eg.Dublin city , chances are the lad normally parks up there with whatever poster he has on , if it was pointed out to him I guarantee he’d be on his way . Just because x or y is on the truck doesn’t mean we buy/ support / don’t support x or y . Remember that before you go screaming at the driver or throwing eggs and slashing tyres ;-)

    1. jh

      well said m8 i work in the game as well that is exactly what is going on, the guy was just getting a few photos and didnt know were he was stopping

  27. Samuela

    Baby-killers!!! Anti-christs!!! Murderers!!! Sinners!!! These individuals should stop their propaganda sooner rather than later. They are talking to informed adults, here. They should come up with valid arguments, instead of finger-pointing (excuse the pun haha). We – grown ups living in Ireland – are sick and bloody tired of this disrespectful, ignorant, aggressive biggots. It is NOT about killing babies. It is NOT a religious argument. We are talking about legislation to protect rights of the unborn and, especially, of the living. I suggest bringing these individuals to court, and not vote for politicians who support them.

  28. cluster

    Lads, you’re giving the likes of Cora the attention they are looking for.

    I wish the likes of her could just ask for a hug but instead they need this pointless aggro to make themselves feel alive.

    1. Bacchus

      in fairness cyclists are not fully formed humans so it’s ok for them to be in danger.

  29. Trueblue

    They posted Colette’s point about it not being directly opposite the centre but funnily enough omitted the rest of her comment about it not being far away from the centre.

    1. Colette

      I won’t lie – I was nearly sick when I read your message that said that those sods had “quoted” me. I’ve responded to them via Twitter (I’m not on Facebook) stating “If you want to quote me, quote me in full”. I called their actions spiteful and I still think that their actions are spiteful. I’m glad to read that their advans campaign has been ended.

      For the past 3 mornings, I’ve been tweeting Dublin City Council asking that the posters for the Youth Defence meeting from last Saturday be removed from all lampposts in and around the city. As their meeting has happened last Saturday their posters should be designated as litter and removed. The posters at the top of Grafton Street, next to the Stephen’s Green centre, have been targeted by vandals with green paint so they are now both litter and causing vandalism. I’d ask anyone who also feels the same to send a tweet to @DubCityCouncil and ask for the posters to be removed. Youth Defence should also be asked to pay for this extra work to be done by the City Council.

        1. Colette

          Folk, by way of an update, I have now emailed all of my councillors (Whitehall ward) and Dublin City Council directly this morning and asked for the posters to be removed and for Youth Defence to be fined. Last night, I found out that the meeting mentioned in the posters had not taken place. I believe that this means that Youth Defence have been littering the lampposts of Dublin City. I understand that posters should be removed 9 days after the meeting they were put up to advertise has happened, and I estimate that the posters went up last Tuesday, 18 June; this means that as of today, they have been up 11 days. If they are not taken down after 9 days, the offending party is to be fined €150 per poster. I counted more than 43 posters from Artane Roundabout along Malahide Road and in as far as the Luas Stop at Connolly Station. The posters in and around the D2 area have been removed but obviously, they don’t care about littering the northside. At €150 per poster, it means that the City Council should be in line for a payout of more than €6,000 – nothing to turn your nose up at. Again, I would ask that if you live in Dublin City Council, please contact the City Council (and your councillors) and inform them of the location of the posters, request that they be removed and request that Youth Defence pay for it to be done, as they should. If you live in one of the other council areas, please make enquiries as to what are the rules and regulations in your areas regarding littering and PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

  30. Horace

    I guess the pro-lifers continue to get good ideas by “picking them out of their arseholes”.

    1. Fran

      If you really care about the fetus’s then go past this propaganda and supply real future for said babies you want born. Are you personally going to see to the future of these babies? If you are not part of the solution why are you making it harder for the women?

  31. Awful Eejit

    Is that a big hand coming down to let somebody know they’ve just won the Lotto??

  32. Jimmythehead

    ive been blocked (along with several of my friends) frm the Youth Defence facebook page for making so-called offensive remarks. Becoming very obvious how they seem to be using religion as their crutch and that alot of these defenders of human life are nut job americans

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Religion? Jesus would despise Yank Defense! He’d more likely be inside the Rape Crisis Centre offering comfort to victims. He was that kinda guy.

    2. marie gunbay

      of course jimmy they are going to block intelligence and logic which is far beyond their comprehension if you feed into their lies and propaganda you are their friend for life but when you dont they block you, they are spineless empty vessels of noise

  33. Daisy Chainsaw

    I’m running out of offensive words to use to describe the likes of Yank Defense because I won’t use female bodyparts as an insult because my bodyparts deserve better than to be compared to the so called pro life mob. They really are low life, sh!tbags. The pathetic, unhappy, angry dregs who can’t see beyond their own hate and self loathing so they conspire to ensure everyone is dragged down to their level. I hope YD and their ilk are afflicted with that angry misery for the rest of their long, ugly lives and never know a day’s happiness or contentment.

  34. John

    What the hell is wrong with people in this country? Is there a straight answer to that question. I don’t think so!

  35. That guy

    Well it’s Irish people that are doing it, so maybe their family/friends/random-passers-by need to make it explicitly clear that it’s NOT ok. You know, instead of whining about it on the Internet or ringing Joe Duffy or whatever.
    (Not a dig at you, personally. Just an observation.)

  36. Trish

    They are nothing short of attention seeking bullies who have obviously lived very sheltered and blessed lives…..their time would be far better spent looking after all the abused or unwanted children out there!!!!

  37. sophi

    emergency rooms won’t make our lives any safer either…. but it’s kinda nice to have them be available when we need them.

    actually i suppose they do make our live safer. same goes for abortions. even if the only moral abortion is the one that you need. because your situation is special…. (lets just hope nobody reading this has had an abortion at the clinic they picket on a regular basis.)

  38. AC

    I’m sitting here wishing there was an idiot button beside so many of the previous comments. Perhaps broadsheet should look into updating the website.
    No matter your opinion on the matter, no resonable person can agree that this is a suitable location for this advertising.
    Please do not be naive enough to believe that this was just some driver who didn’t realise where he was parking.
    I wouldn’t wish it on anybody but should one of these campaigners suffer rape, would there view on the matter stay the same, would they happily bring into the world a constant reminder of the act. I think not.
    Abortion, assisted suicide and gay marrage to name but a few are things which should never have required government legislation to be changed, they should just be.

  39. Cathal

    I think the pro lifers in Ireland should be ashamed of themselves. Sending letters written in blood to Enda kenny is just one of the disgraceful tactics they have used. Some people in Ireland are so f&%$king backwards and small minded. I left Ireland two years ago and I will never return to live. The current legislation does not go for enough. It should include rape victims and cases where the child is not compatible with life. These people make me sick

  40. Joe

    You all realise that the truck was not parked there intentionally? The driver of the truck who is not a member of a Pro Life organisation but an employee of an advertising company has apologised for parking it in leeson st and that he was unaware of what services were housed in the buildings on Leeson st. He parks it on a different st every day.

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