32 thoughts on “Lockpickers Of Love

  1. Am I still on This Island

    I really don’t get this? It’s a tradition in Paris and a number of other cities but quite a recent phenomenon in Dublin, really is pointless when there are plenty of other things that could be done that are new and unique to our city.

    1. Tootle-oo

      As I understand it, this is a post about lock pickers removing the love locks from the Ha’penny bridge.

      Is this not a good thing?

    2. ...

      It’s not a tradition in Paris or anywhere else really. It all comes from an Italian book in the early 00’s and has spread since then,

  2. Garthicus

    I’m not usually a grump when it comes to things like this but those locks are a load of b0ll0x on that bridge. Glad to see someone get rid of them (as well as the council)

  3. munkifisht

    Considering the Ha’penny bridge had to undergo major repairs a few years ago this is very very worrying. If irresponsible douchebags go around loading that bridge with their cliched tat they are liable to irreparably damage it. To any f*ckstick who things anyone in the world gives two s*its who they love, guess what, they don’t, noone gives a monkey what IQ challenged troll you managed to bag. They couldn’t even care less if you died of some horrible flesh eating bacteria or if your eternal love ends with him/her sleeping with your so called best friend, while they tape it and laughing at everything they both find so f*cking odiotic about you (for example your weird bridge bondage fetish), but sure, who cares, your manifestation of your emotional baggage destroyed one of the most iconic landmarks in Ireland, you utter utter tuuat

    1. lolly

      Odiotic… I like it odious and idiotic. exactly how I feel about the love locks. please tell me this is a new word not a typo.

    2. Ron

      Jaysus. You definitely need some of that dialectical behaviour therapy Lucinda Creightons been going on about!

  4. yaler

    …personally, I find this custom captivating. While not currently attached, I often spend pleasant days wandering past these love tokens wistfully trying to decode their precious secrets.
    I’ve recently taken to attaching my own large locks and nothing can describe the joy of returning to find it festooned with a myriad of little brass momentoes customed by the locksmiths art.

    1. Tibor

      “decode their precious secrets”?
      Is looking at a lock basically the same as reading a Dan Brown novel to you?

      I mean, it’s all well and good to have this misplaced sentimentality about it all, but they were a nuisance and vandalism of a public work.
      You wouldn’t be so sentimental if people used you front garden or doorway for late night make-out sessions, at the very least.

  5. Tibor

    Fair play to whoever did this!
    I thank you, and I know a lot of people who appreciate your efforts!
    Hell, anyone who treasures Dublin monuments and public spaces owes you a gratitude; if ever we meet I owe you a pint!

  6. Father Filth

    What’s the scrap value of the metals per kilo, typically?

    What if you remove them for their scrap value, would the Corporation mind?

    ..if they had a wrought metal ‘Love Tree’ nearby, or similar mawkish tat, I wouldn’t really mind. It is just this particular bridge which isn’t going to fare up to being weighed down by cretin locked locks.

    1. Mark

      I know they cleared it last week, but there was already a rake of new ones attached when I was crossing it on Wednesday.

  7. Mark

    Fair play to them. I cross the Ha’penny a couple of times a week and it’s very obvious the damage these locks are doing to the bridge.

  8. pendaticduck

    Dublin City Council should give bolt cutters to a street sweeper and every time he passes the bridge on his route he should remove any locks. The locks wouldn’t survive for more than a few hours. The broken window theory. One lock encourages more locks.

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