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The ominous beauty of supercell thunderstorms chased down in recent years by photographer and author of ‘The Big Cloud’, Camille Seaman.


Not abstract paintings but striking aerial images of the Namibian landscape by Australian photographer Leah Kennedy.


Macro photography of the multi coloured hairs and iridescent scales of butterfly wings by Chris Perani.

Meticulously composed and focussed with a near zero depth of field, many involve the composition of over 2000 separate exposures.



Three of the winners of Scuba Diving magazine’s 2018 Underwater photography contest.

From top: a whale breach by Rodney Burial (the overall winner); a blanket octopus night-fishing by Cai Songda and The Pit, an underwater cave near Tulum in Mexico by Karen Smith.

MORE: Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2017 Underwater Photo Contest Winners


Breed portraits by Alexander Khokhlov and Veronika Ershova.

From top: Fanta, the Aussie; Nancy, the Bedlington Terrier; Faqir, the Afghan Hound; Fiji, the Basenji; Platon, the Bracco Italiano and Chika, the Miniature Schnauzer.


The rose-tinted vision of Europe’s furthest flung island that is Dreamscapes of Iceland – images of the natural terrain in extraordinary shades of visceral red and pink.

Photographer Al Mefer, who fell in love with rural Iceland while exploring the so-called ‘Golden Circle’ in the south of the country, explains:

I wanted to picture it in a way that it’d feel new yet as oneiric in the images as it is to see it live.

In fairness.


Andy Sheridan (whose excellent work we’ve featured previously) tweetz:

Exhibition opens at 6:30pm tomorrow, Thursday 27th September & runs until the 6th October in the Ranelagh Arts Centre.

In case you missed last year’s show.

The landscapes of Dordogne in southwestern France captured through infrared lenses by French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer, rendering all living plant matter in vivid hues of canary yellow.

Throw off your chains, slaves to the visible spectrum.