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A spectacular image of the Milky Way and, below it, an ascendent Mars casting its reflection in the waters off Rhode Island beach, captured by astrophotographer Abdul Dremali.


Still images of water photographed by Ray Collins, transformed into mesmerising animated cinemagraphs by Rotterdam-based photographer Armand Dijcks.

Full screen for optimum effect.

More here.


Long exposure photography by Daniel Mercadante on the beaches and forests of Connecticut and also Guatemala (pix 3,4) where he and his wife Katina invited local kids to choose the locations.

The trails (inspired in part by the Mario Kart pathways of his gaming youth) are created by the simple but effective method of Daniel running around trailing a lighting rig.


Suprachromacy: plant species of the Canarian island of Lanzarote captured in full spectrum macro photographs by London creative studio FIELD.


The Darkest Colour – a photo series by self taught 23 year old Gabonese photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga. To wit:

The series is set in front of a matte black background and features two nude models whose skin has also been painted black. The works seek to unpack the negative aspects of the both the colour and its symbolism.

More of his work here.


Four seasons (from top: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer) on Kotisaari Island – a former lumberjack bolthole on the Kemi river near Rovaniemi in Finland captured by Laplander and photographer Jani Ylimampa.