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Behold: the dusty central Milky Way rising over the ancient Andean archaeological site of Yacoraite in northwestern Argentina. To wit:

The denizens of planet Earth reaching skyward are the large Argentine saguaro cactus currently native to the arid region. The unusual yellow-hued reflection nebula above is created by dust scattering starlight around red giant star Antares. Alpha star of the constellation Scorpius, Antares is over 500 light-years distant. Next to it bright blue Rho Ophiuchi is embedded in more typical dusty bluish reflection nebulae though. The deep night skyscape was created from a series of background exposures of the rising stars made while tracking the sky, and a foreground exposure of the landscape made with the camera and lens fixed on the tripod. In combination they produce the single stunning image and reveal a range of brightness and color that your eye can’t quite perceive on its own.

(Image: Franco Meconi)


The work of Russian ’xeno-urbanist’ Vadim Soloviev, who sez of the last one:

..recently, all of Moscow was covered in snow. And the giant ultra-foxes dozed peacefully in the courtyards of their so beloved “round houses”. But now it’s spring. This means that foxes will soon go away from the city, from civilization, to equip their summer ultra-burrows.


‘Berlin Brutal’: the uncompromising architecture of mid 20th century Berlin captured by Felix Torkar.

From top: Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie, Fehling+Gogel, 1966–74; Isothermische Kugellabore, Horst Welser, 1959-6;Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedä chtniskirche, Egon Eiermann, 1957–61; Kirche Mariä Himmelfahrt (heute: Mor-Afrem-Kirche), Alfons Boklage, 1964–66 and St. Agnes, Werner Düttmann, 1965–67.