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    1. Dave G

      Only months ago we were complaining about the treatment (abuse) of children in pre-school facilities. One of the reasons widely cited for that abuse was child care workers being overworked and underpaid. Watch what happens as all our teachers are gradually turned into low paid interns. I’m sure teaching standards will soar!

        1. Wild Willie

          Nice to see the teaching profession devalued beyond meaning. Guess its on a par with sweeping up in a hairdressers now.

          That’s a nice legacy right there Enda.

          1. smoothlikemurphys

            I recall a radio interview a number of years ago with the (then) head of Intel talking about how, in the past, and indeed the present in some countries, the teacher was a respected member of society and to be a teacher was seen as one of the pinnacles of a particular band of knowledge.

            He was warning that the devaluation of the post of a teacher would lead to situations where we would have sub-par students ending up as sub-par teachers simply because they did an arts degree and felt there were no other employment options.

            I’m starting to think he was on to something.

    2. cluster

      I had no problem with the graduate teacher salary being reduced but this is taking the p!ss.

      They are looking for fully qualified teachers who will already have done placements. It is not acceptable to ask them to work for free.

  1. Joe

    And two in Cork




    1. blueswannabe

      Second job is no longer available, hopefully it was taken down due to shame rather than success in getting an applicant…

  2. Jimmnotummy

    Also…f**k teachers…they have a job for life…holidays out the wazoo…pension…free chalk…get to mold people in their image…go on school trips.

    Ya…maybe getting a position is harder…but once in…the pigs back is your couch or bean bag or settee.

    Also…free choice and all that.

    Rant over…back to holiday.

    1. OneOfTheseDays

      So presumably if you have children (or do in the future) you’ll be happy for them to be taught by someone who is earning less than the minimum wage?

      I can see not long-term issues with that. Well except for all the work that teachers do outside of class, that they surely wouldn’t do if they’re bordering on wages that would necessitate them considering having to get a second job.

      1. Jimmnotummy

        Bankrupt government trys to save taxpayers money…taxpayers confused and angry…taxpayers want to over pay people learning on the job.

        Teachers are well paid…9 months on low money is better than 3 years on little to no money.

        No teaching jobs?…tough.

        1. Basra

          It says “qualified teacher” in the requirements. Not teaching assistant or trainee – qualified. That’s a Hdip, plus at least 2 year’s experience. This is a shameful ad. Would you want a qualified electrician working at OPW to get treated like this? Wouldn’t put the blame at the Govt though. More than than likely some backwater principal

      1. cluster

        I hate this argument. The entire country has a stake (not just financial) in the education system so this argument of ‘shut up and become a teacher so’ is redundant.

        Apart from anything else, there are plenty of other arguments the teachers could advance particularly in this case. Treating qualified teachers as lowly paid interns is not the best way to achieve the best results in educating the next generation.

      1. cluster

        Scottser, I suggest that you are giving Jimmnotummy too much credit. Anyone who starts their point with ‘f*** teachers’ is not going to be contributing to any debate.

    2. John

      With your atrocious grammar I expect you didn’t pay much attention to your teachers to begin with.

    1. Joe

      there really needs to be guidelines created so proper jobs aren’t turned into job-bridge positions. no job-bridge role should require a full qualification, that’s role is a bloody full time position.

      stop pullin the piss with job-bridge and shut the darn thing down

        1. Joe

          it’s being made a mockery of, the system doesn’t do what it is meant to do. at best i can see 1 in 20 being a true job-bridge role.

  3. Barry

    This one is possibly even worse: 9-month contract to “gain practical experience in teaching the curriculum to a single class.” Which sounds like being, well, a primary school teacher. Also, run the website and train some teams. For €50 a week on top of their dole.


  4. Tony Gill

    How do you beat the public services unions? You employ all future staff through Jobsbridge for €50 a week, problem sorted!

  5. Pidgeon

    So after all that training and getting the qualifications, you then get to be an intern? F**k that for joke.

      1. muffy

        Any graduate position these days is like that. Something the older generation seem to fail to grasp when they like to refer to this generation as “entitled”.

  6. Mikeyfex

    “The organisation will assign a mentor to support you during your internship” – The little pop-up paperclip, is it?

    1. Peadar

      “You look like you’re shaping the nation’s future. Would you like some assistance?”

    2. Holden MaGroin

      “I see you’re trying to teach and inspire the future of our country. Would you like some help?”

  7. Always Wright

    Does anybody else think this might be a hoax? I can’t imagine any principal or board of management agreeing to hire somebody on these terms.

    1. Mikeyfex

      I don’t. I can easily imagine a school short on funds and man-power thinking lets take someone else on through JobBridge, and lets have that person be a fully qualified teacher as there are lots of them out there, jobless.

      It’s a sickener for the teacher who gets the job and it’s objectionable for the parents, but needs must.

      I’d be surprised to hear them doing it if they’re backs weren’t against the wall. Maybe I’m naive.

        1. Always Wright

          Schools don’t pay teachers, so the school’s funds aren’t an issue. Teachers are hired on a quota basis. If there are enough students (based, stupidly, on the previous year’s figures) then the school is given a teacher. Either this school needs a teacher or it doesn’t.
          I can’t understand how this might be allowed, even to hire a sub short-term. There are very strict rules in place regarding non-contract teachers, and there has never been an internship system in Irish schools.

          1. Mikeyfex

            Of course, silly of me on the funds point.

            Wasn’t defending it either, was just saying that I can believe that it’s a real ad.

          2. Yaya

            Due to high pupil-teacher ratios, this principal could have a situation where he/she has 30-something pupils in a class-this group could have a high level of behavioural/ educational needs, which would make enabling each child to reach their full potential, virtually impossible. The principal may have been left with no option but to get another teacher into the school in any way possible.

            That sounds like an awful lot of hypotheses, but I’ve seen that very situation occur before- there was no jobbridge at the time, so the principal went about it another way, but jobbridge would’ve been much easier!!

    2. Lu

      Ard Na Grath National School
      The email is the private address of the Principal AMelia Keena – not the address listed on the website of the school so I would go with it being real.

    1. AmeliaBedelia

      All of the fecking unions should have been going mad when the scheme was introduced in the first place.

      1. Leela2011

        but perhaps it’s because it’s newly graduated teachers that have to go for these positions rather than deeply-entrenched old-timers!

    1. Sgt. Bilko, Fort Dog Bowl

      The X-Men didn’t give him a real contract after his JobBridge internship finished.

  8. Dza

    Is Athlone big enough to have West after its name? West Athlone, 1 mile form the centre and East Athlone….

      1. Dza

        Interesting hypothesis. Then perhaps they could have used Athlone, County Roscommon? County Westmeath being the eastern side. Then what about Athlone North and south? Very confusing…

          1. Ron

            Also a simple google search would have answered your question that is completely unrelated to the original topic.. Here you are courtesy of Athlone.ie

            “The river Shannon divides the town of Athlone into two parishes, two dioceses, two counties and two provinces. The two Catholic parishes in Athlone are: St. Mary’s, to the east which is in the dioceses of Ardagh and Clonmacnois and St. Peter’s, to the west which is in Elphin. The suburban area west of Athlone is in County Roscommon and the province of Connaught while Athlone town belongs in County Westmeath and the province of Leinster. Until the Local Government Act of 1899 all of Athlone west of the Shannon was considered to be in County Roscommon but for administrative purposes the urban area west of Athlone has since been considered as part of County Westmeath.”

          2. Dza

            Thanks Ron. My point was, which I see went over your dumbass head, is that Athlone would be classed as a small town/village even in most countries and having a west side and an east side is amusing to me. Now I know it was off topic, but you see this is a satirical news website, success driven in part by the comments of the readers. Most of which, for example the bike being prevented being stolen above, are indeed off topic.

    1. Captain Obvious

      Athlone is quite spread out from west side to east side within the town. Across two counties also…

  9. eamonn moran

    Just an FYI
    If the qualified teacher is still 21 they would only be getting €100 JSE so they would be working for 150 per week.
    If they are 22-25 they would be getting €144.
    This is an absolute disgrace. Its hard to believe the minister for social protection (Joan Burton) has approved this.

        1. Robbie

          do you want some one on 40% of minimum wage building the bridges that you drive over every day, houses and public transport networks, etc etc??

          You can apply the same logic to any job bridge scheme, why was this ok to you guys when it just affected everyone else? You think your job is more important than everyone else’s?

  10. The Bottler

    What’s so special about Teachers – there are lots of qualified people with first class degrees presently out of work and on Jobseeker’s Allowance!

    1. Bangalore

      Any ‘internship’ (read borderline slave) should not need any qualifications before starting an internship. Thats the point of an internship.

      Teachers should rightly be given a good wage and good conditions considering the responsibility they have toward the nations future.

    2. Atticus

      The main difference here is that it’s state sponsored slave labour. 40 hours a week for €150? €3.75 p/h

      Plus they’ll be teaching children. You’d like to think that somebody carrying out such an important job would at the very least be paid at half decent wage.

    1. Jimmnotummy

      Why is a job that saves lives or molds lives more important than the guy sweeping the road?

      Is pay seen as a marker for your effort required to do a competent job?

      And in a bankrupt country…whose public servants are overpaid…is it ok to maybe try some schemes that might help us save money?? I think it would.

      1. AmeliaBedelia

        The guy sweeping the road gets at least minimum wage, pension entitlements and some sort of job protection. An intern does not. If public servants are overpaid, then cut wages across the board. I don’t see the point in Haddington Road protection for some, and below minimum wage-dole schemes for others.

      2. Bangalore

        If some public sector staff are overpaid then that does not mean it should be offset by paying people below minimum wage.

        All it is doing is contributing to a working underclass. For gods sake we can’t have people paid less than a supermarket shelf stacker in charge of the education of 30 odd kids. Its beyond absurd.

    2. sheep

      there’s already physios working job bridge positions – doing full time physio work for a fraction of the money. it’s hard work (especially when it’s your first job) and involves a lot of extra paperwork which can end up being done after hours. why should health care workers be paid terrible wages when this is expected of them?! it’s unbelievable, and to make more money (just to even pay rent) they will work with teams in the evenings – running themselves into the ground just so they can pay rent/live. it’s a ridiculous scheme…

  11. Robbie

    no offence to teachers or anything but from the comments there seems to be a bit of a sense of entitlement amongst teachers… why is this suddenly an outrage now that it hits your sector?

    there are plenty of qualified engineers, scientists, etc. taking these kinds of roles for a long time now. They take it because it’s the best they can get and they hope there might be a full time contract at the end of it once they’ve proven themselves. Are you above these people in some way? Please explain.

    1. Bangalore

      If they are qualified then there is no need for an internship. It is replacing actual jobs with slave labour. In the case of qualified scientists and engineers taking these, if they are taking them with private companies that means the taxpayer is paying their wages, not the company. This is rightly what people should be annoyed about.

      Its exploitative and wrong.

      1. Robbie

        If you are newly qualified and want to stay in Ireland and not just sit on the dole indefinitely, you don’t really have a choice in a lot of professions.

        It’s not about rolling over, it’s about having to deal with your own personal situation. These posts will get filled by people who see it as the best of a series of bad options, and you have no right to smugly judge them for it.

        1. Nigel

          This may be regrettably true – though I wouldn’t be too cheerful about is at it does mean the best will just go elsewhere – what I can’t stand is the ‘How dare you draw attention to this horrible situation and suggest that it is a bad thing now shut up or emigrate’ attitude. Talk about smug.

  12. Mario Balotelli

    Working for free, or ‘internships’ are becoming the expected norm across many professions. Just another way the young are getting shit-on by the generations in front of them.

  13. Padraic

    I find it hard to believe that some c**ts are justifying this based on the fact that other people are being expolited.

    “I am annoyed I was mugged”
    “So what, other people get mugged all the time, are you better than them?”

    “This outbreak of muggings is shite”
    “We’re broke, get over it. Oh yeah, the public sector”

    1. scottser

      divide and conquer as a strategy has long been a handy weapon in our government’s arsenal. the bottom line is that we are being taken for fools and the position advertised above crosses that line. by all means criticise the public service, but don’t cut the bejaysis out of it and then moan when it doesn’t meet your expectations.

  14. rexapocalypse

    Loking at the Ad I saw this http://intern.jobbridge.ie/Default.aspx?q=B+fomdowzS8kaDnSlUDk1yW26DjUJdnNZmJvk4EsxDKnmmsSN00TwRhydBEk8588927VewMZ5c3+GSXlmZjl4m13xVlwZI9CRZffcolADjrtOX1O951LM96vz8aMseUv9M3lZ8nIjFpMo5CsJHTlVEcXSI1K3CbPWP7r7RuFUPyUFKzTGTWT+kU4P4xXirtHYMw884ngTxFxeNOpNscANABwkBdL+6vAe+qB/hZV23vMwVFqf/iCHZAy8K+EpyqWpjcrbfMHNhYdrg0nbhGVRNa7ZwW5PKSSOn+vYSj6Ci5FJyTyFW3jrROn6eefIAY5Xd/z5SjOWi/pzlnCF27GTCvthgivB1jkOqutqTBPTQFP77nQQb9MSQFvUZVA4+bGv5IbiH+tYW9ufmIHWA4kEeaG2Ldwjkz2O2QFyEzGjQf03GtJ1KKsopMxqGWMA/AghzYYcnxc+Yo5BeMk1ycWCVzh9K0Sr799

    the Mercy Sisters recieve so much money from the state won’t pay the magdalene victims their compensation or their staff correct wages

  15. Pete

    It reminds me of my sister predicament where the dole office offered her a Job Bridge internship even though she’d spent 12 years studying and had a diploma in Applied Science in Physics, Degree in Physics, Masters in Physics (gamma ray burst in outer space type physics), pHD in medical radiation type physics…an Internship for something she was more qualified in than anyone else working there…???

    1. Leela2011

      Over-qualified, under-experienced in the real world I’m afraid. I’m partly in same boat but have good experience and I still can’t get full-time work

  16. deadbeatdolehead

    Nothing new with this, the INTO was one of the first organisations to come out and publicly reject the scheme and ask their members not to participate. But this isn’t the first and definitely isn’t going to be the last school that avails of JobBridge. Teachers undertake weeks of Teaching Practice before they qualify, they’re not lacking experience in their field, they’re lacking jobs…paid jobs. Gaining a permanent position in a primary school is a minefield of panels, supplementary panels and geographical bias. JobBridge has no place in this profession.

  17. Ahjayzis

    Qualified architects and engineers are working for nothing / on a risk basis all the time, it’s pretty accepted that your degree and the work experience you gain as an undergrad is null until you serve your time. Real jobs demand 3-5 years active project experience as a minimum.

    I don’t agree with this, it’s an abuse of the system, but they’re not working for free, they’re working for low wages, but it ain’t free. I don’t really get why teachers should be guaranteed a well paying job the minute they graduate with pretty little on the job experience but other professions aren’t…

    1. Nigel

      I don’t really get why other professions are badly paid and denied job security and benefits while teachers aren’t. I don’t get why people want to drag teachers down to the bottom of the barrel rather than try to raise everyone else.

      1. Ahjayzis

        Because construction is in a slump at the moment and a tonne of the skills you need in those professions can’t be taught in the classroom and have to be picked up on live projects. You can’t provide job security when 90% of the industry goes out of existence – who’ll fund that? A few years ago 2nd years were being hired and dropping out of college, that wasn’t good either as standards slipped.

        But my point is, with a bankrupt employer (state) having an employment embargo – it’s either develop your skills for low wages so you’re in a better position to apply for jobs when they come around again, or do nothing.

        It ain’t perfect, but if we A. don’t need the teachers, B. are training too many teachers and C. can’t afford more teachers – what’s the answer? If you back the state into a corner and say no teachers for anything less than boom-time salary, they’ll just say fine, no more teachers – what’s a graduate to do then?

  18. Hello you!

    First thought: This is a hoax
    Second thought: This is terrible
    Third (final?) thought: Maybe someone who really wants to teach will take up this position

  19. Claire

    Email your thoughts to the principals personal email address listed in the advertisement! She might not be aware of BS!

  20. cmcg

    You know a teacher could take up one of these positions, sign up to teach a class for the year, and then go off to Australia after two months. As these aren’t real teaching jobs, this could result in a class being split mid year, and possibly other classes in the school would have to be split again to accommodate this. Could be seriously damaging to a child’s education. Its completely unfair. Also some teaching principals are taking on jobsbridgers to teach their class while they do admin work. So essentially these teachers are doing work that someone else is being paid handsomely for.

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