Meanwhile, On Clyde Road


9031101790311018-190311021Segregated supporters including Danah Mahmoud Mansour, above, centre, outside the Egyption Embassy in Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, today protesting the detention of four Irish citizens in Egypt during the recent urprisings.

Four Irish siblings the Halawas ‘being held in Egypt’ (BBC)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

58 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Clyde Road

      1. Bubbleblower

        If I parked my car there some gobdaw would give me a parking ticket. Why are these guys allow block the pavement. They would not do it a home in Egypt.

  1. Mister Mister

    Where’s the Where’s Wally guy that you could see on yesterdays evenings news, he stood out like a sore thumb as he was the palest there, was dressed like Wally, and was wearing a wolly hat.

  2. paul

    Segregated how exactly? Is it the women are looking for return of the Halawa family and the men aren’t or just a gender separation or pro-military govt vs pro-morsi?

  3. Am I still on This Island

    So they went on Cough Cough Holiday to support an religious extremist organization that their father is linked to, and ended up in a cell. Who could see that coming.

    1. Anton

      Their parents are Egyptian. They went home for summer holidays to family in Egypt. There is nothing strange about it so ease up on the Indo/Herald style hysteria there.

      You would think nothing of say a family whose parents were American, spending the summer in New York.

      1. Randall

        Unless said children were arrested for anti government protests while in new york.

        They weren’t arrested at the local water park on a sun lounger they were at a pro ( though peaceful) muslim brotherhood demonstration.

        1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

          maybe they were forced at gunpoint, it’s all the rage this week apparently.

      1. Am I still on This Island

        Hussein Halawa is a leading member of the, European Council for Fatiwa Research (ECFR) a group headed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi you can Google him to see his wonderful record and relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

        All of the above is public information and easily accessible.

        Further to that Anton the protest that the siblings were caught up in was pre-arranged and would have been easy to avoid in fact the only reason any one would have been in that area would be to attend the protest. Oh and the fact that one of their family said they were attending the protest on the 9 oclock news last night. This is hardly the behaviour of holiday tourists, going back to your ancestral roots is one thing but being closely linked to an organisation that is one side of an escalation domestic issue and just claiming that you were in the wrong place and the wrong time is a bit of a stretch.

        1. Chicken George

          Joining that protest as they did (according to their family) was a bit naive the day after security forces have massacred 500+ protestors. It had to be foreseen that this one could also end violently. This is not to excuse the security forces merely to point out the consequences should not have been a complete surprise to anyone with a shred of intelligence. Further naivety was evidenced by one of the girls proclaiming “But we’re Irish” to the security forces. Piece of advice, they were attacking C4 journalists the day before, they couldn’t care less if you were the queen of Ireland, if you were with the protestors, you are the enemy as far as they are concerned. All being said, I hope they are returned safely to their family.

  4. Drogg

    Em, why are the rangers not being sent out to return Irish citizens too their native soil, from a hostile military controlled country?

      1. Drogg

        They still hold Irish passports. As a country we are not very good at dealing with international Incidences.

        1. Rich

          Native soil? Were they born in ireland? Or are they Irish citizens? Eitherway not sure how effective the rangers would be conisdering the quality of inteligence the rangers would have to go on prior to insertion as the country is in chaos

          1. Drogg

            Irish citizens are Irish citizens wether born here or not. So we should do nothing. I will remember that the next time i go abroad that my country doesn’t give a fudge if anything happens to us.

        1. Rich

          It doesnt really, a citizen is a citizen at the end of the day. I just think the use of “Native soil” is needlessly evocative

          1. Drogg

            Of course thats why i used it, at then end of the day when you see some of the racist comments on this thread, you have to try and break through to those people that, these are citizens of Ireland and that Ireland is their home, if not there native soil.

    1. Chicken George

      Yeah, totally easy stuff. Send in the Ranger Wing into a country quickly descending into all-out civil war to find 4 young people whose location remains unknown. No problem, the Egyptian Army should be a doddle given they are only armed with some of the worlds most advanced weaponry (I understand one of the only country’s the US has provided M1 Abrams to as an example). This ain’t Hollywood Drogg.

      1. Drogg

        I never said it was easy stuff. But if you read the profile of the rangers, it says part of their mandate is to help remove Irish citizens from hostile territories. Why to we pay for having an elite special forces unit, if not for situations like this.

        1. Mani

          If you are not artificially high, I applaud the levels of natural opiates in your body that allow you to operate at such a blissful state of naivety.

        2. Pun Gent

          Situations were all diplomatic options have not yet been exhausted? Those sort of situations?

          1. Drogg

            The department of foreign affairs seem to be to be putting more effort in getting a drug smuggler out of Peru, then returning a bunch of Irish students back home and unless you all forgot when Libya’s political dictatorship collapsed Irish citizens where removed with help if the rangers and the British armed forces. I am not dreaming up some Hollywood fantasy, but you have to wonder why these options aren’t explored when that’s what they are there for and there genuinely seems to be a real threat by the leaders of Egypt on the lives of Irish citizens. All anyone wants is them to be returned safely.

          2. Pun Gent

            1: Your argument about what the DoFA is and isn’t doing hinges on the word “seems”.

            2: There’s a huge difference between evacuating people from a chaotic civil war (largely unopposed, and with support from the British and French IIRC) and doing a prison break in the face of resistance from an organised modern military.

            3: If you consider the logistics, the opposing forces and the practicalities of what you’re suggesting, I think you’ll see you are dreaming up a Hollywood fantasy.

            4: Given that, publicly considering military action would be foolish, ill-advised, and counterproductive.

        3. Chicken George

          You quite clearly have no idea of the complexity or dangers involved in such missions. I am so glad you are not our minister for foreign Affairs. Also, I understand we have an experienced ambassador over there who is trying to organise their release and return. Don’t expect foreign diplomacy of this sort to be played out in the public eye. It would not benefit the captives one bit.

          1. Drogg

            I understand all that you are both saying and i was never claiming we should declare war on Egypt. But the department of foreign affairs got a hell of a lot busier when your one got caught in Lima, then when these students got taken in Egypt. Are minister for defense is off on his holidays at the moment, so i hardly see him drawing up a contingency plan for if diplomatic routes fail. At the end of the day the rangers are trained to do stuff like this and thats what they signed up for. I hope the diplomatic route works and quickly. But we have 4 young citizens that have been arrested not charged with anything and are under a very real threat. Sometimes talking isn’t enough and the last thing i think anyone wants to see is anything happen to those young people. Like have any of you been following the Arabic news feeds or Egyptian bloggers, they are openly shooting unarmed protesters on the street, they are shooting and beating journalists. These do not seem like people that will care where 4 people in there custody are from.

          2. Chicken George

            Again, you are really underestimating the complexity of such a task. The government using all possible diplomatic options is far more likely to see their return alive. The potential loss of life from such an attempt could be enormous. For starters how do you get a dozen adequately armed Rangers into Egypt. By air? the Egyptians have F16’s and Apache’s (just as an example).

          3. Drogg

            I am not a military tactician and would not be able to comment on the best way to run such an operation. But do you not think that now would be the time to start planning then wait on till negotiations break down to plan something. Neither you or i know wether the political option will work and as i said i hope it does, but do you not think we should be prepared for it not to or do you think we should leave Irish citizens to be locked up, tortured or murdered cause we as a nation, are not willing to help them.

          4. Chicken George

            Plan your incursion eh? To where? We don’t even know where they are. It’s a big country, then it could be a prison, a military barracks, who knows. The Ranger Wing are one of the best special forces in the world but this would likely be a suicide mission.

          5. Drogg

            But how do you know that? Are you secretly a ranger? I know you can’t reveal your identity but you can give us a signal.

        4. cluster

          Presumably if they were considering sending in the Rangers, they’d be doing that quietly, not tweeting the plans at BS.

  5. Bubbleblower

    The usual/normal thing for Irish people I know who want to brush up on their culture is to go to the Gealtacht for the Summer. There all usually have a great time and enjoy themselves. Maybe a thought for this family for next year.

          1. Bubbleblower

            If you want to be an Irish person be one…. simple all will accept that. If you want to be an Irish person who goes out protesting in Mosques in Cairo after a lot a strife/ killing there well you get what you deserve. And expect our government to look after you LOL.

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