World Class Theatre



Senator Fiach Mac Conghail, artistic director of the Abbey Theatre, in the Seanad this afternoon.

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9 thoughts on “World Class Theatre

      1. Jimmy J

        I’m still on ‘Santa’s naughty list’ according to BS for some innuendo laden posts that couldn’t hold a torch to the cringe that Ireland’s new ambassador Brendan O’Carroll delivers to millions weekly.
        In any case my posts are delayed, so in the haste to get in like Flynn …………..

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    This is the same guy who told an actor he’d take her off the opening night guest list for leaving a play she considered poor at the interval.

    1. The Frilly Keane Institute

      There’s probably funding available for it

      Maybe it has it’s own Heritage grant
      or sum’ting

      Like, would anyone be surprised if I wasn’t messing

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