16 thoughts on “Marketing To Millennials

  1. Zardoz

    Note to Donna, think you got the age group wrong for Millennials, should it not be 18-24. Also remove the acronyms (i.e B2B, B2C) and use full words. Acronyms only serve to confuse those that don’t know what they mean but doesn’t mean that person is dumb for not knowing them. Acronyms are the highest from of cringe in presentations.

    1. Dan

      No, 18-24 includes Millenials but not is not by any means all it covers. Definition varies but the standard seems to be those born after 1980 and up to 2000.

      As for the abbreviations, I’m fairly certain this is a marketing presentation rather than for a general audience. Acronyms are annoying to outsiders but B2C and B2B are pretty basic concepts in that field.

      1. Zardoz

        I work in the tech industry and the use of acronyms can be a problem for those in the industry, graduates and new people to the industry particularity. They serve to confuse and make the presenter look foolish, often I have found that the presenter can’t even explain the acronyms and those are generally marketing people.

        Best advice I can give to anyone in marketing is to tone back on the acronyms it makes you look dumb, full words on the other hand make you look knowledgeable. People in marketing often think the opposite is true.

        There are lots of papers on the reason why acronyms need to be eliminated from business, well worth a read Dan before you get caught in the acronyms trap.

        1. Dan

          Fortunately I don’t work in marketing and my industry is thankfully (relatively) acronym free but you make a fair point. Some people do overrely on them.

    1. Banned of Whorses, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Diddies

      When did this word become acceptable outside of dull buzzfeed lists?

  2. Clampers Outside!

    No mention of what country this study was conducted in or if it’s a general around the world study… hattitudes to privacy can vary sharply across countries.

    I’ll hazard that this is a US based study yeah?

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