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With Samsung and LG set to release their own versions of this tech soon, Royole Corporation (formed in 2012 by Stanford University graduates) has just released the Flexpai – the world’s first folding smartphone.

Never mind the 16MP wide angle and 20MP telephoto cameras. Discount the not-even-officially-announced-yet Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor. Forget that it runs Water OS on top of Android Pie.

Instead, feast your eyes on the 19.8cm flexi-screen that folds in half and picture yourself stuffing that fat, glowing wallet into your inside pocket with a half chewed Refresher wedged in the middle of it.

Yours from Royole for around €1,155.


The rather wonderful electromechanical percussion engines of artist and musician Koka Nikoladze – analogue beats generated from household bric-a-brac and assorted hardware.


The EBS250 – a rather nifty hand-held inkjet printer from US company EBS Inkjet Systems that can print multicoloured text, images, and barcodes onto metal, plastic, textiles, concrete, wood, cardboard, and more.

But consider the, ahem, non-commercial applications.


Deepfake (deep learning + fake) describes the superimposition of one source image or video into another using AI and CGI.

Here, a youthful Harrison Ford takes the place of Alden Ehrenreich (mostly convincingly) in the most recent Star Wars spinoff.


Behold: the Zibo Tea Brewing Machine – a dual armed robot created by US/Chinese company AUBO Robotics capable of preparing, steeping, pouring and serving four perfect cups of Chinese tea.

Before slicing you into cubes with its built in laser.


An impressive/terrifying move-busting interlude by Boston Dynamics quadrubot Spot Mini.

Previously in Kill All Humans related news: Cassie And Spot


An ingenious creation by amateur engineer Human Controller – a robotised Rubik’s Cube that can solve itself in minutes, whether held in the hand or tumbling over a flat surface.

Geek off on the internal gubbins here.


A brief taste of an experimental open-world environment called ‘Emergence’, currently under construction by UK design studio Universal Everything.

In this bizarre, mesmeric and unnerving space, a glowing yellow character controlled by the user is surrounded by swarms of anonymous people who react to the character’s movement. To wit:

…the primal feeling of maintaining your individual identity whilst being part of a crowd. As you immerse yourself in a crowd of thousands, shafts of light beckon you closer. As you touch the light, the environment – its atmosphere, its gravity and the choreography of the crowd – transform in powerful ways, continually challenging your perception.


Behold: the Acer Predator Thronos – a reclining gaming cockpit with a footrest, a desk for keyboard and mouse and a huge motorised arm that can accommodate three 27” monitors for panoramic viewing.

No price announced as yet.

Also, no big-drink cupholder.

I know, right?

Worst. Marathon gaming chair. Ever.


In 2015, visual FX artist Rouselos Aravantinos conducted an age reduction demonstration with actress Michele Valley (first video).

This year, he repeated the experiment with the latest ‘live’ retouching technology.

Believe nothing you see on a screen.