Three Cheers


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Ireland’s Robert Heffernan competing at the European Championships in Barcelona, 2010

Robert finished fourth in both the 20km and 50km walking races at the European Championships in Barcelona in 2010. Russia’s Stanilov Emlyanov won the 20km title but his medal has now been taken off him due to irregularities in his biological passport. Robert will now receive the bronze medal.

Meanwhile, Ian O’Riordan, in the Irish Times, recalls:

Last month, Athletics Ireland began seeking the European Indoor bronze medal now due to Roisín McGettigan after Russia’s Anna Alminova was also banned retrospectively for a doping offence.

Alminova won the 1,500 metres at the European Indoors in Turin back in 2009, with McGettigan finished a close fourth. Alminova was stripped of all performances from February 2009, as well as being handed a 30-month suspension, due to irregularities in her biological passport.

Derval O’Rourke is also due a bronze medal from the 60 metre hurdles at last year’s European Indoors in Gothenburg, after gold medal winner Nevin Yanit from Turkey was also later handed a two-year ban.

Rob Heffernan set for belated European bronze medal (Irish Times)

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13 thoughts on “Three Cheers

  1. Scooperman

    “I hear you’re a racist now father” “What? No” “Should we all be racists now? etc. etc.

    Fair play Rob

  2. dd

    Good to hear.

    Even if he does express bigoted opinions and has seen his performance improve dramatically since working with known doping doctor.

    1. rotide

      In fairness, Rob’s performances have improved steadily over the last 15 years.

      Which doctor and when did he start working with him?

      1. dd

        Paco Fernandez. Answered this earlier but presumably because of a link to the indo, it was taken down.

  3. lolly

    The Italian that came second in that race has also since been disqualified for drug taking. I heard that Derval O’R. tweeted yesterday that she hasn’t received her medal yet either – it is “in the post”.

    1. dd

      Interesting, Jerry Kiernan gave an interview after she retired pondering how she always managed to peak for big events. Which is interesting really.

  4. Formerly known as

    When is Sonia going to get her medals upgraded?

    There should be some system, whereby, if a nation reaches a certain number of doping violations, in a particular sport, that they are thrown out of that sport for 2 years (or whatever time will act as a massive deterrent).

    It would be good if the cheat was forced to hand over the medal, the next time that event is held.

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