31 thoughts on “Wear Some Protection

  1. Waddy Dilson

    Whoever took these pictures is a bit sad, one picture would have been enough. No need to stalk them around the city

    1. Mairead

      Waddy Dilson – who made you the ‘Fun Police’?

      Whoever took these pictures was having a laugh along with the ladies, where’s the crime in that?

      Lighten up :-D

  2. Mulder

    The look on yer womans face, as the hen party are passing with the offending yoke, priceless.
    Might add condoms are not just for when it be raining.

  3. Mulder

    See men blushing and looking away, they wish.
    Though if ye were that size, ye would never get out of the bed, never mind the bleeding house.

  4. The Gawm

    I would say that you never post pictures of massive gee’s on BS for balance, then I remembered the Dan Boyle and LJG posts

  5. Mairead

    They look as though they’re having a good old time

    @ Clampers – this thread was supposed to balance out things for the women on here after the ‘Nice Cans’ fiasco last week :-P

    1. Pip

      Late 70s UCD gig by, damn, I nearly remember…. oh yes The Tubes, towards the end featured a HUGE prop vulva dancing around the stage. Impressive level of detail, as I now know.
      Yes, and few of us admitted it was the closest we’d ever been.
      Even fewer admitted wondering what it was (some of those were female).
      Youth wasted on the young etc.

  6. Mairead

    Why carry a **** around on your hen night when you’ll be carrying one for the rest of your marriage?

    Only joking, ahem!!!!

  7. Mulder

    Might add way back in the 1980s, yeah remember that, them yokes were illegal as were condoms and ye need a special license from the bishop to operate a piece of equiptment like that.
    Mostly on saturday nights.

  8. Billy Kremlin

    If this was a pair of boobs and at the mini marathon, the dullards would be up in arms.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      You don’t see many ladies running 5km or whatever it is they like to call a mini marathon dressed as silly willys
      I guess they are just not silly/fun enough

  9. Fatman Scoop

    OK so I’ll try again : I’d say she had to blow up that inflatable mickey for a long time to make it stay up

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