While You Were Sleeping: At Last. A Bit Of Culture.


Throw him a frickin’ bone for chrissakes. Who dresses a dog like that? Still. He does look happy. And why not? Last night he got to meet Director of the Ulster Bank (cough) Dublin Theatre Festival Loughlin Deegan. In what BS has decided might be a stroke of genius (one, sadly, too late for Monty) Loughlin and his friends are putting on a competition for actors to vie for the role of Hamlet. The, eh, great Dane. The festival’s not on until September so this was the launch of the programme. In about an hour we shall have another of our wonderful slide shows where you can see who else would literally turn up to the launch of a theatre programme.  The dog’s name is Toby. Good morning.

Impress your friends. Read the programme online here

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