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Brendan Courtney with ‘Nancy Drew’ and,  from top, Brendan’s designer dog bandanas to support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind


This morning.

Roisin Grant writes:

TV presenter and fashion designer Brendan Courtney has designed dog bandanas to support Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind’s annual national fundraiser, Guide Dog Day which takes place on Friday, 27 May.

The bandanas, which are available in 4 different designs, are an eclectic mix of vibrant colours with inspiration taken from the coat of Brendan’s own dog, Nancy Drew.

The bandanas are available to purchase on the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind website at a cost of €10 (plus p&p). All proceeds go towards helping the charity train dogs to become Guide Dogs for those who are vision impaired or Assistance Dogs for the families of children with autism…

Irish Guide Dogs


Via MailOnline:

This is the heartwarming moment a dog was rescued from a five-foot sinkhole – after another dog alerted its owner that she was trapped.

Macy (top), an 11-year-old golden retriever, had been stuck inside the hole in Streator, Illinois [USA] for nearly 24 hours after falling in last Friday, February 11.

But she wasn’t found until a chocolate labrador, named Wrigley, located her the next day in Marilla Park and alerted his owner by barking.

G’wan the Wrigley.


Moment golden retriever Macy is rescued after 24 hours trapped in a 5ft sinkhole after another dog found her and alerted rescuers (MailOnline)

DSPCA Vet Elise Byrne White with unnamed pooch


This morning.

Gavin White writes:

The DSPCA is urging pet owners to engage in their training services to encourage responsible pet ownership as they have revealed 70% of all the dogs surrendered to DSPCA have behaviour issues that could have been solved if the owners took actions earlier.

With January as National Train Your Dog Month, the DSPCA Dog Training Academy have resumed in person training classes both group and one on one sessions so pet owners can learn how to work with their pets for responsible ownership.

Having a well behaved dog is not only part of being a responsible pet owner but also can be fun for all the family. Issues such as toilet training, play biting, addition of new a baby, food aggression etc. are commonly seen by the Dog Training Team. The new push from the DSPCA is targeting older pets as well as new pets received over Christmas as they are experiencing issues from all types.



Pic: Conor McCabe

Cockapoo ‘Ruby’ in St Anne’s Park

This afternoon.

Clontarf, Raheny, county Dublin.

Under current rules, dogs are allowed roam FREE in St Anne’s before 11am and in the last hour of the park’s opening times in any section of the park.

Councillor Deirdre Heney told Dublin People last month:

“I have been pressing for the introduction of the change because of the large and variety of park users, young and not so young, some who love their dogs and want them to be allowed off lead, and other users, who prefer dogs were on lead at all times.

“The proposal includes allowing dogs off lead (and under effective control) at all times in 77.5 hectares of the park and an ‘on lead at all times’ area in 21.9 hectares of the park.

“The ‘on lead at all times’ areas will allow people (including some dog owners) who are uncomfortable or nervous of dogs off lead, to enjoy the park in areas where dogs will be required to be on lead at all times.”

Sound ‘people-first’ logic?

Or blatantly anti-canine?

Only you can decide.

Pic: Ruby the Cockapoo


House dog flu.

His owner’s shedding.

Pet dog catches Covid-19 after positive test confirmed in Weybridge (Surrey Live)

Pic PA (posed by model)

This morning.

St Anne’s Park, Raheny, county Dublin.


Thanks Alan Bracken.