Your Country: Noon Today:


Doesn’t that look like somebody is deliberately making the clouds sweep only over us and the sea? Jesus Christ. Can a country not get a freakin’ break around here?

But, hey, what of the ‘morrow? Well the Met say:

Rain will approach the west coast later this afternoon or this evening. Top temperatures of 16 to 19 degrees. Tonight the rain will spread across the country and become persistent. Nine and 12 degrees, coolest in the north. There will be just a light variable breeze and mist and fog developing.
Tomorrow, will be a brighter and fresher day with some sunny spells developing. The overnight rain will still affect the east coast and clear during the morning. There will be scattered showers, heavy especially in the east and north. Between 16 and 20 degrees and it’ll be breezy with moderate to fresh northwesterly winds.

But that’s what they always say.

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