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Unless some 14 year-old hasn’t already filled you in, here’s this:

The Rebecca Black saga in brief: Parents hire company to produce two cheesy pop songs and one cheesy video for 13-year-old daughter. Self-described “music factory” writes song including explanation of order of days of week. Daughter sings song. Producers auto-tune the bejesus out of it. “Music factory” unleashes song and promo on unsuspecting world. Video goes viral when critics trash it as “the most appalling thing on the Internet.” Girl complains of “cyber-bullying.” Then comes vindication. Gaga says she is a genius. Forbes declares her a millionaire.

Did Rebecca Black really make $1 million from ‘Friday’? (Slate)

BONUS: Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ as interpreted by a bad lip reader (hilarity ensues)

UPDATE: The Elmo style Lip Dub Version (even more hilarity ensues)

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It wouldn’t have happened in his day.

Weather forecaster Vincent O’Shea has just felt a very cold front by Liveline Listeners.

They said he was under the influence reading the weather on radio yesterday.

Which would be odd for a Corkman after his county just won the All-Ireland.

Official RTE response: ‘Adverse reaction to prescribed medication’.

We’re calling it Son of BlottoGate.