“His Father’s From Fermanagh And His Mother’s From Fiji. Neither A Noted Hurling Stronghold.


(original quote: Michael O Muircheartaigh).

“Might be worth mentioning the hurling,” said a small voice in the corner of the office. It was Big Mac and, because he has to get the bus back home in an hour, we told him to tell us succintly, in his own words, what’s happening in Croke Park on Sunday

“Kilkenny vs. Cork. The good news for Cork, Sean Og (O’Hailpin, above) is back after injury. The bad news? They are playing Kilkenny who will probably rip them apart, stuff them, feed them to the kittens and get some more free advertising for Glanbia, via Brian Cody’s rather fetching, ever-present, baseball cap. I predict five-in-a-row. See you in the Hogan Stand?”

Look, no offence, but if we wanted an old man to literally urinate down our back and in our duffle coat pockets, we’d stay at home.

Painting by Sean Cronin (flickr)