Saturday AM Special: Baby Bumped From Irish Times Magazine Cover. Friends Blame Foot-Scratching, Late Nights


If you’re like us you’re probably holding a copy of The Irish Times Magazine right now. It’s full of brilliant interviews with fascinating people (and the odd power-starved megalomaniac), articles that make you think and practical tips on gardening, cheese and Canasta.

Few babies make it onto its hallowed cover. So you can imagine why Louise Fitzgerald (above left, ) might have woken up this morning with a spring in her crawl. A cover and still only eight-months-old! Even if she did have to share it with two boys: Arlo McGurk (six months), the dazed little fellow in the centre, and Anton Schroeder (eight months).

Then, if you can, picture how her sweet, adorable, face must have fallen when she saw this:

Moral: Never trust boys. Itchy feet can wait. And when they say your poo doesn’t smell, something bad is going to happen.

Babies At The Box Office (Anna Carey, Irish Times)

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