TV3 Launch: They’ve Put A Hipster In Charge Of The Telly


Ben Frow (crazy guy, great suit), TV3’s director of programming, with from left: Elsa Jones (How Healthy Are You), Beibhinn Byrne (Midday) and Geraldine O’Callaghan (The ‘We’re Not Sure Which Show’ Show).

This is part of the Frowmeister’s master plan (from TV3’s website and including snarky comments from the BS office):

Young, Dumb and Living off Mum. “Lazy, spoiled Irish teenagers are taken away from Mum and have to fend for themselves.” (A show about Karl and Nat? Surely not).

Roast It! Irish chef, Stuart O‘Keefe, fronts TV3’s first cooking show. (Hang on, that doesn’t sound too bad).

How Healthy Are You? Elsa Jones asks Ireland. (Not very, we reply).

Come Dine With Me Comes to Ireland (Finally). “Made by ITV for TV3, it comes complete with bad food, rude guests, hideous homes – and the iconic voice over of Dave Lamb”. (Wevs).

The Irish Celebrities You Love to Hate (Xpose, no? )

Celebrity Salon A”batch of new celebrities – this time running their own salon that’s open to the public”. (It’s already in receivership).

And “miss-matched celebrities get to know each other better as they travel across Ireland together in Driving Me Crazy. (Monkey Tennis on wheels)


The Story of Children’s TV Bosco, Wanderly Wagon and a host of “childhood favourites”. (Unless, like us, you hated Bosco and the Wanderly massive).

More as we get it.

(Photocall Ireland)

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