Mighty Stuff But Did Daithi Go Too Far?


Some outtakes from Daithi’s debut last night, recorded on Karl’s old cassette player. Includes stuff we made up.

10. “Lynda’s a Garda. She’s promised to get me off any time I want, right Lynda?”

9. “….Katie, all the way from New York! Hope you weren’t there during the 7/11.”

8. “And I hear you’re training for a triathlon, Aisling? really? With those knockers?”

7. “…and your fiancee Frankie’s in the crowd. His turn to be a high-class escort, hah?”

6. “Not too close to the microphone there, Colleen. It’s been in my pocket.”

5. “Here Lynette. Hold this ‘balloon'”.

4. “And you’re going to do a bit of dancing, Tara. Great, I’ll hold your shoes and pants.”

3. “Wait until you see my dome.”

2. “Your mother’s in the audience – she was a Rose too. Before the Famine, was it?”

1. “And you’ve brought your harp? Mighty. I’ve me flute here.”

Daithi’s Line Of Patter Pulls In The Punters (Rosin Ingle, Irish Times)

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