‘Your Country, Your Call’ Bullshit Concludes Tonight


From the same thinking that gave you ‘Ireland Inc’, ‘Going Forward’ and ‘Smart Economy’.

‘Your Country, Your Call’

Have €500,000 to “implement” two of  of these ideas:

Brody Sweeney : Create a “super brand” to market Irish tourism and food.

Neil Leyden: Ireland to become a global media hub through the creation of an Irish Content Industry Association.

Gordan Hyland: The establishment of an intellectual property-based financial securities market.

Peter Enda Kavanagh: The installation of solar electricity generation panels on existing wind farms.

Cianán Clancy and Colm Mac Fhlannacha: A Data Island Strategy, to build a “world-beating entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem around digital services aimed at positioning Ireland at the forefront of its associated spin-off industries”.

Rejected: Broadsheet’s proposal to pull €50 billion from our assholes.

Contest Winners Announced Tonight (Irish Times)

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