De BurghGate: Niamh Horan Gets Lawyered Up


We only got in this morning and what’s the first thing to greet us at 7.54am, but this from Niamh Horan, referring to last night’s posting:

Please take that posting down about me. It’s completely defamatory.
Iff the back of a nasty website remark. All lies. I’ve already been on
to my lawyer.
Niamh Horan

And literally one second later:

Please note I have contacted my lawyer regarding chris de burgh
comments. Serious legal repercussions for anyone repeating the
comments. Chris has taken his facebook down. Please do likewise.

Niamh Horan

Broadsheet Suggestions for Niamh:

You might have said ‘Good Morning’.

You might have even said ‘hello’.

You might have not tried to intimidate us first thing on a gloomy Tuesday with ‘your’ lawyer.

“Serious legal repercussions?”

Now you’ve gone and scared Chompsky. And he was nervous enough as it is.

Sadly ‘our’ lawyer is a fat drunk. Once he wakes up we’ll get advice on how to respond to your threats.

Good morning.

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