Tip For The Future: Invest Heavily In Chocolate


By 2030, according to leading chocolatiers, a Cadbury’s Creme egg could cost as much as 20 Benson and Hedges. And  20 Benson and Hedges could cost the same as a flat in the Docklands.

We made that last fact up. Seriously though, the world is running out of chocolate.

In the future, chocoholics might have to work quite a bit harder to pay for their fix. The world could run out of affordable chocolate within 20 years as farmers abandon their crops in the global cocoa basket of West Africa, industry experts claim.

“Galaxy, Creme Eggs, every kind of £1 chocolate bar will be a thing of the past,” warns London chocolatier Marc Demarquette, who believes a bar at £7, or its future equivalent, will be more like it.

Chocolate: worth its weight in gold (Independent)

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