BoingBoing: The Überblog


Broadsheet hearts the Boing. But we had no idea Frauenfelder, Doctorow, Jardin and Pescovitz were this successful.

Look upon their works, ye bloggers, and despair. remains among the most popular 10 or 20 blogs around. According to Quantcast data, it gets about 2.5 million unique visitors a month, racking up 9.8 million page views, a traffic increase of around 20% over 2009. It attracts blue-chip advertisers such as American Express and Verizon. It makes a nice living for its founders and a handful of contract employees.

And what really makes it interesting is that it does this with a mix of material that remains as eclectic, strange, and sometimes nonsensical as the obscure personal blog it started out as.

Inside the Wild Wacky Profitable World of Boing Boing (Fast Company)

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