On a purely physiological level, there are many advantages to being human.

However, since emerging from the primordial soup, then oozing, flapping, scuttling, swinging, shuffling and finally strutting about the planet with iPads under our arms, it seems we’ve lost out in all kinds of ways, too.

These, according to Smithsonian Magazine, are human beings’ top ten design flaws:

  1. Our cells have become weird chimeras.
  2. Hiccups
  3. Backaches
  4. Unsupported intestines
  5. A propensity toward choking
  6. Being cold
  7. Redundant gooseflesh
  8. Our brains squeeze our teeth
  9. Obesity
  10. Many other things (including male nipples)

Read more: The Top Ten Daily Consequences Of Having Evolved (Smithsonian)

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