The Blog Is Dead. Long Live The Blog



The international blogosphere, it seems, is on the brink of momentous change. In the wake of Richard Branson’s iPad friendly Project Magazine, shiny and terrifying terms like ‘scoop’, ‘aggregate’, ‘splash’ and ‘roadblock’ are being bandied about in the tech media like big, shiny, terrifying bandy things.

Behold Blog 2.0. First Gawker, next TwentyMajor:

The 2011 template represents the most significant change in the Gawker model since the launch of Gizmodo and Gawker in 2002. One could go further: it represents an evolution of the very blog form that has transformed online media over the last eight years. The internet, television and magazines are merging; and the optimal strategy will assemble the best from each medium.

You can already see 2011 layout on the beta versions of Gawker and other titles. The blog scroll, long the central element of the page, is shifted to the right column, still prominent but subordinate; that reverse-chronological listing of the latest stories goes from about two thirds of the active area of the front door down to one third; and only headlines are displayed.

Ah yes. But do these websites have a header that goes all candy-coloured of a Friday?

No they don’t.


Why Gawker Is Moving Beyond The Blog (Lifehacker)

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