Best Action Figure. Ever


Seventeen years we’ve waited for this. For $230 you get:

A 1/6 scale poseable sculpture of Jean Reno as Léon (RM4 ABS action body with more than 30 points of articulation ), 6 guns including: a Ruger SP101, a Beretta 92FS, a Smith & Wesson Model 586, a Smith & Wesson Model 41 and Springfield M1911-AS SASS, six grenades, clamps/pincers, folding dagger, 10 interchangeable hands, weapons vest, beanie hat, long felt coat, black t-shirt, white t-shirt, black trousers, glasses, houseplant, milk carton, glass, leather suitcase and stand.

Miniature Natalie Portman and dreadlocked Gary Oldman not included.


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