Charged By The Meter


So we pay for the meters and they’re installed for free…

Mr Kenny said he could not comment on the likely cost of the meters as this would have to be decided by the regulator. The cost of installation would be covered by a loan from the National Pensions Reserve Fund, he said.

Over a million homes will require meters to be installed by the end of next year if water charges are to be introduced on schedule in 2014, as set out in the EU-ECB-IMF deal.

The Department of The Environment claims that the installation cost of €300 – €350 per unit is based on ‘pure speculation’ and that the cost could vary ‘depending on the location of the property’

So, good news for anyone selling cheap-ass water meters. And these guys.

Kenny Says Householders Will Pay For Water Meters (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)


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