Unredacting Nama




Gavin Sheridan (above), known as the FOI-nator for his repeated requests for documents under the freedom of information act, will today learn if Nama and Anglo/IBRC are considered ‘public authorities’ under an EU directive, known as Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) Regulations.

It’s been a three-year campaign for Gavin, who told his story in the most recent edition of the Sunday Business Post magazine (above), saying:

“Without adequate access to information, all citizens do not have proper freedom of expression, and we all suffer as a result. If we really want a reformed Ireland, and to learn from the lessons of the past, we must make a decision: secrecy or transparency? And if we choose the latter it must come from the top down. Anything less and we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.”


Fair play though. In fairness.

More here.



Nama Loses Information Appeal (Irish Times)

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