How Now Kowtow?


17/5/2011. British Royal Visits to Ireland

The commonwealth debate.

Not as mad as it sounds.

Senior Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said yesterday that the proposal “is not so mad as it might at first seem. If a country like the Republic of Ireland joined the Commonwealth, what greater message could be sent to countries facing political upheaval and disputes on the other side of the world than an ancient country who had drawn a line under parts of its past, whilst promoting its future on the best parts of its heritage?” Mr Fabricant wrote on a website yesterday.

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson welcomed the suggestion. “We have long supported the idea that the Republic of Ireland should rejoin the Commonwealth,” he said. “After all, there are many republics including India who are a part of the Commonwealth and don’t feel in any sense that their sovereignty or independence is compromised.”

More public holidays (including July 12).

What’s not to like?

Republic of Ireland back in Commonwealth? It’s not as mad as it sounds, says senior Tory MP Fabricant (Rebecca Black, Belfast Telegraph)

Brian O’Leary/Photocall Ireland