13 thoughts on “When Is Ecstasy Not Ecstasy?

    1. munkifisht

      Wow, didn’t know these existed retail. What a great idea. If so many kids are dying from adulterated drugs why are they not been given out free?

      1. scottser

        dude, in some clubs in germany and holland they have them set up in public for customers to use for free. a far more sensible and cost effective policy than dealing with the aftermath of a fatal reaction to some of the filth that gets peddled as mdma these days.

    2. rosie

      handy resource: pillreports.com
      very sensible advice on the video btw!
      i might add that you feel very, very warm on pmma… hyperthermia being one of the main effects.
      also the longer coming up compared to clean mdma (30 vs 60 mins) is a major problem.

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