You’ve Gotta Hand It To Him


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Tony Abbott has denounced as “hideous” and “barbaric” a photograph of Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf’s son holding the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier.

The shocking photograph — posted on Twitter by a proud father with the words “Thats my boy!” – drew condemnation from across the political divide after being published in The Australian today. The picture has attracted worldwide news coverage.

Barbaric image of Khaled Sharrouf’s son a warning to the world: Tony Abbott (Jared Owens, The Australian)

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40 thoughts on “You’ve Gotta Hand It To Him

      1. Am i still On this Island

        & which word in the extensive English vocabulary accurately sums up this issue of a father bringing. His children to a war zone & having them hold the severed head of a victim of a war crime

        1. Ciarán

          I admire how you poetically decapitated the sentence with the misplaced full stop. really drove home the point.

        2. WhoAreYa

          The same type of word that describes unabashed blowhards and apologists for statist terrorists who blog on this thing day after day

    1. Aisling

      It seems he “fled Australia” in the first place though, according to the full article he left using his brothers passport, but it’s not quite clear why exactly. Was he a wanted man in Oz or something?

      I feel ill thinking about that child holding the head. :S

  1. Sidewinder

    Always loved that quote from Parenthood – “You need a license to buy a dog, or drive a car. Hell, you need a license to catch a fish! But they’ll let any butt-reaming a**hole be a father.”

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I Know What You Did Last Summer… I saw it on Twitter!

      This kid’ll be f*cked up after this.

      Take the kid off the father, I say, because the father is an incompetent moron.

      1. thefatlad

        I think he’s a slight step above an incompetent moron to be fair.

        More like a psychopathic jihadist.

  2. Formerly known as

    It is hard to believe that someone who had the option of living in Australia, would choose to go to a war zone, and bring his kid there. Definitely, a nut job.

    It is good to see that the website is keeping a related story in perspective:
    “Islamic State terrorists from Australia pose with the severed heads of their captives – CHRISTIANS ARE NEXT”

  3. downtowntrain

    Is there any helping that kid? Do they try and take him into state care or will that warp him even further? Desperate stuff.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    Sadly, kids are very much caught up in this war. They’re the next generation of soldiers and perpetrators. His da was probably indoctrinated at an early age too.

  5. Just sayin'

    As disturbing as it is for a father to have his young son do such a thing, I also find it disturbing that a newspaper would print the actual photo.

  6. isallimsaying

    Guys, this is utter depravity, as is the raping, torturing and genocide of people in the name of religion. Your humour is indefensible. It is sickening.

    1. B Bop

      Broadsheet, despicable headline…most of us here love a great sarcastic snort but with depravity & evil this vile rampant across the Middle East, it truly is wrong to jest.

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