14 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Cranky

    What is the press’ obsession with John Delaney, and why do they deitefy him? He’s a spoofer of the highest order

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      A recent article in the Guardian, pointed out that his annual salary is higher than the prize money for winning the LOI………..ffs……..kick him out and there will be plenty of better people who would do the job better for a lot less.

      He is another one who benefited from nepotism.

    2. mauriac

      and what kind of freak would buy that paper to find out more? I’d pay to have never seen the front page.

  2. Delacaravanio

    Regarding the New York St Patrick’s day parade it was likely a lot more to do with the fact that the new New York mayor, Bill Di Blasio, refused to march in next year’s parade unless gay groups were also welcome rather than anything to do with Kenny’s participation. If Kenny had refused to go last year there might have been a story here.

  3. Zarathustra

    The SIndo just gets worse and worse; how can a photo of a grieving parent be deemed newsworthy? Their editorial policy leaves a lot to be desired. That poor family.

  4. Lilly

    I took one for the team and read the John Delaney article. He said people had been speculating about his love life. Really? I didn’t hear a peep; had no idea if he was single, married, gay or other. She describes him as a teddy bear of a man. Kiss of death.

  5. Supercrazyprices

    Delaney always looks like he just woke up and always looks immensely boring. The kind of man who repeats everything back to you, thinking he’s having a conversation.

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