GNP Or GDP? That Is The Question


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Answer it!

Vincent Browne returned to our screens from the summer break last night joined by Dara Murphy TD Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection, Patricia Callan of the Small Firms Association and Tom Healy of NERI.

Dara Murphy received full hairdryer on the question of GNP versus GDP growth.

“And if you’re going around Europe telling them the crapology you’ve been saying now, it’s an embarrassment to the country.”

Watch in full here.

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28 thoughts on “GNP Or GDP? That Is The Question

  1. Flashmam

    Vincent Browne is an embarrassment to television current affairs in Ireland.You wouldn’t see any of this sort of shouty schtick on the BBC.
    Paxman could skewer a dodgy politician with a single raised eyebrow – shouting at them is

    1. Delacaravanio

      Give over. Paxman has been a lot worse, and in no universe would a British politician that thick be allowed on TV to spew such ignorant nonsense.

  2. Tim

    A small country with significant direct foreign investment (we are the definitive example) will tend to look much better when focusing on GDP. If a company sets up here to gain advantage from the lower tax rate, but employs few people and ultimately takes the money back out of the country, it will still all have been totted into the GDP numbers, despite the meager benefit to the country. If you’re interested in how the people in such a country are getting on, GNP will be a much better bet.

    In an economy dominated by domestic companies, the GNP and GDP will tell similar stories.

  3. Blonto

    VB is the king of current affairs. Doesn’t let the waffle bastards away with anything. The muppets in RTE can’t get an answer and just move on. At least VB calls them up on it and treats them they way they deserve. Welcome back Vince.

  4. Outta me Bento Box

    Vinnie B – the great Tax Planner!

    Pays no income tax because he persuaded the bank not to liquidate the company and now he can route his TV3 income through a company – even though his is not the majority shareholder anymore!

    No income tax on his wages! great man so he is!

    (It’s all legal -BTW)

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