6 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. ABM

    Pathetic watching the Irish Army prostrating themselves for some 5/8ths greasy pole climber from Galway.

    At least Michael Higgins was elected.

  2. B Hewson

    Endless chips and Miwadi in the Nanny Quinns meal deal…you wouldn’t get that sort of value in Dublin boy

  3. blueswannabe

    Wow, that’s really interesting news on the Daily Record, an interesting promise to make that many will be angry if it’s not followed through on, this changes everything, the paradigm has shifted, things will never be the same, FREE MILK!

    1. Sam

      Aye, and we promise we’ll do that the day after ye vote ‘No’ and won’t get another chance for another referendum in case we are (as usual) lying.

      The Scots would have to be proper numpties to fall for that shite.

  4. geebag

    The 9/11 photo story has been all over the internet for 3 days and it makes the front page of the Independent. No wonder newspapers are in trouble.

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