22 thoughts on “All They Left Behind

  1. Reed

    U2 were paid $100m by apple, so they didn’t give it away for free at all, quite the opposite… I am sure they still are against people illegally downloading their music as in 2008……another great post!

    1. Sam

      Methinks you’ve missed the point Reed. Previously Bono was moaning about people taking his product for free, and now the public wants a way to not receive his product, even when free. It’s a comment on their ‘audience’ not on his position on downloads.

  2. JunkFace

    Take a hint U2. When people are complaining about the free album on their iTunes or ipods, and an app is created to help remove the album quickly, its time to call it a day

    1. Smashmouth

      Or it’s time to break out the champagne for a marketing campaign that keeps on giving

      All this and the physical release has still yet to come followed by the world tour

      But yeah, time to pack it in. The well is dry

  3. Infairness

    I always have a good laugh at the way people get so bent out of shape about things like this. Obviously people in “1st World” countries have little else to be worrying about than the storage space on their devices. All this rubbish about U2 and they are in decline – tosh. If Eminem, Kayne West, 1Direction did the same thing I would look to have the album removed after a listen just to see how crap it was. Beautiful thing about music is the diversity of tastes people have and their is no right or wrong opinion in this context. Rest assured there are a huge number of people out there who are delighted to be getting a free copy of the U2 release and it’ll help Apple drive people back towards iTunes and the inevitable streaming service that they bought when they acquired Beats. Modern day marketing – you have to love it

      1. Infairness

        AS I said that ere is no right or wrong – thats what they are to you. Very strong possibility that based on your aggressive way of putting your point across I’d likely steer well clear of anything that you consider worth listening – but I hope you enjoy listening to it whatever it is

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