Legislation to change radically Ireland’s direct provision system will be proposed today.

Independent Senator Rónán Mullen will call on the Government to establish female-only and family-only reception centres and grant the right to seek employment.

He said managing an asylum policy was never easy for any country but changes in the operation of the direct provision system were needed urgently.

Introduce female-only direct provision centres, says Senator (Mary Minihan, Irish Times)

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40 thoughts on “A Place Apart

  1. donal

    Credit where it’s due, one of Broadsheet’s (deservedly) favourite punching bags is on the right side of this matter, this effort should be welcomed and supported

    1. Sidewinder

      There isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that this is Mullen reaching for a populist topic that he can campaign for in line with his hardline Catholicism coming up to the next election.


    1. Odis

      You probably need to check out the small print.

      Give them the right to seek employment. (Coz like there’s loads of positions, just waiting to be taken, in places like, for instance, Athlone.)

    2. deliverancecountry

      What are you agreeing with? Segregation?
      Mother and baby asylum shelters?
      What is this smirking shapeshifter advocating?

  2. kerryview

    Sweet Divine. Just off the boat/train/plane/container and you are segregated – male, female. Sounds vaguely familiar.
    Why stop at male/female quarters? Let’s resurrect the old workhouses, and make use of this employable resource. Sure wouldn’t it be grand!
    The right to seek employment? What employment? Cleaning jacks? How many Irish already have the right to seek employment?
    Mr. Mullen can certainly hit my intolerance button.

  3. Jock

    That’s a good point. Kids are always used in these situations as bargaining tools. It strengthens their hand to say how can you let kids from up in these conditions, we want the right to work. The right to work is effectively an open visa which is what they want.

        1. Odis

          I thought it a rather good satirical comment. But apparently, a bit strong for the sensitive censors of Broadsheet :-(

    1. Jordofthejungle

      Oi! Just what are you insinuating?! Senator Ronan Mullen is a happy bachelor unless and until the right girleen of impeccable virtue comes along.

      Then again, Mammy Mullen is getting very worried at this stage.

    1. ABM

      You really are very confused, aren’t you?

      Nothing like witnessing the brain of a foaming-at-the-mouth left-winger spinning inside their cranium.

      1. Casey

        NO, this is a fupping stupid comment by the resident knee jerk brain dead foaming in the brain troll. Don’t mention live kids around him or he will demand they are fed to the priests.

      2. Jordofthejungle

        Lol! Foaming at the mouth?! From a to else.

        How easily you forget your usual bottom of the barrel antics on here as a distraction from your dank desperation and loneliness. Hypocrisy is your stock-in-trade ABM.

        Once again ask yourself the question whether your behaviour on here accords with that of a happy, socially functional, home owning middle class male? Do you think many men like this have as much time as you do to devote to spewing bile online the minute your causes célèbres of abortion and gay rights are mentioned.

        You poor lonely wretch.

        1. scottser

          you know he gets off on that, don’t you? he’s cleaning off his keyboard for the third time today after reading your comment.

          1. Jordofthejungle

            Lol. Indeed, I’m probably giving meaning to ABM’s day as well as my taxes facilitating his internet “activities”. Still, if it keeps him occupied…

  4. Dubloony

    Why is anyone left waiting on a decision for years?
    Its supposed to be a temp facility until status one way or another is decided, not a place to live out an entire childhood.

  5. Atlas

    I’m confused. Are gender-segregated asylum seeker camps “reception centres” a good or bad thing?

    Am I supposed to be agreeing with Rónán Mullen or laughing at him?

  6. Sidewinder

    Ah yeah, gender segregation, a great idea just to add to the completely backwards, upside down and inside out social structure that direct provision creates.

    Seriously hope he’s calling for these to be optional.

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