The ‘Law of God Not the Child’s Feelings Is The Guiding Principle’





From yesterday’s Sunday Times, Justine McCarthy wrote about the Children’s Ombudsman’s report on alleged physical and sexual abuse at a Co. Kilkenny primary school.

In March 2011, the administration office for the [Stay Safe] programme told the ombudsman’s office it had not provided training at the school since 1993.

The school’s child-abuse prevention policy, which was reviewed in March 2002 and applied at the time of the alleged abuse states: “The Stay Safe programme has been approved by the board of management as a teacher’s aid to be used in accordance with the Catholic ethos which demands that the law of God and of the church, and not the child’s feelings, be the guiding principle.

In 2006, the year the abuse allegations began, a questionnaire was sent to all schools to determine how Stay Safe was being implemented. Had there been any difficulties in implementing it? The school replied “yes”, saying it had “examined it and use only what staff, parents and board deem suitable to [their] ethos“.

There you go now.

Complete Failure (Justine McCarthy, Sunday Times) [behind paywall]

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12 thoughts on “The ‘Law of God Not the Child’s Feelings Is The Guiding Principle’

  1. Odis

    “Law of God” – that sounds like something from an ancient Hollywood epic that gets put on the telly at easter FFS.
    Whats it meant to mean – Ten commandments? stoning adulterous women?
    Is there a “Law of God for Dummies” book I can read on the subject?

  2. Zynks

    so as recently as 95 schools where still making a mockery of the law and parent’s will by bypassing common sense via stupid rulings of a board of management controlled by men in dresses. Of course, common sense prevails today.

  3. Well, that's that

    This reads like a document a lot older than the dates presented. I was in a Kilkenny primary school in the dates claimed, madness. My children will be in secular schools and be allowed to make their own minds up about their faith, in Ireland or otherwise.

    It’s all a bit of a mess, Catholic ethos and Christian ethos seem world apart.

    1. ahyeah

      Unfortunately, it will most likely be ‘otherwise’, not Ireland. For every place in a secular school here, there are around 70 applicants. Utter BS situation but that’s how it is.

  4. Action Man

    They should all be sectioned under the mental health act for believing such nonsense and forbidden to teach or have dealings with children ever again.

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